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My daughter left her dearest stuffed animal at gate B23 and I am not certain how to try and get it back. I contacted the airline, but all they said to do was to fill out a report. Is there a lost and found at Midway?
can somebody explain me how to get from midway airport to 500 north michigan ave using public bus transportation? thanks!
Im flying Southwest Airlines into Midway with my dog. I have an hour layover. Do I have time to go to the pet relief area outside?
Your best bet is to visit Southwest Airline site to see what their policies are regarding pets. As to airport policies, only working dogs are permitted (on the leash of the owner)within the terminals (you would have to carry your dog in a kennel). An hour should suffice if you have your dog with you in the airplane - you would have to go through security check again on your way back). Southwest uses both Concourses A & B (gates A1-19 with separate gates A4A & A4B and B1-26. They are accessible from the upper level's food court.
Internet access isn't free at Chicago Midway - it's $6.95, but can be used for 24 hrs.