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Hello:) Would 7:00 am be early enough arrival for a domestic American airline 8:55am departure? thank you in advance for your help!!
Yes, that should be enough time if you don't have bags to check. i would try to be there a little earlier if you have to check bags.
thanks so much!!
Hi, I have a flight on Wednesday 11/9/16 at 7:40 and will not be able to get there until 6:15-6:20. Will I be able to make it with security?
AM or PM? What airline? You should be OK but I can't guarantee it.
It is PM and with United Airlines. Just need to make it through security.
In that case that's barely enough time.
I'm flying Chicago to Memphis at 4:50 pm Saturday, 9-10. What time do I need to get to the airport? I have to check bags.
Getting there at like 2:45-3 should be fine. Saturday afternoons aren't very busy/.
i am arriveing in chicago ohare airport my connecting flight is to okc okl i have a two hour lay over is that enough time to get to my other flight
Where are you flying into O'Hare from? What Airlines are you flying?
im flying from sioux city to chicago ohare on american airlines
oh and i leave tomorrow im really worried ive never been to chicago
All you have to do in Chicago is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both in Terminal 3, you have plenty of time.
What time should I arrive at ohare if my flight is schedule at 6am this Friday August 5th to check in with our 3 kids? Should I arrive at 3am or 4am?
Security opens at 3:15. Yes, I would arrive by 4.
I will take UA211 from Toronto to ORD and then go to Hong Kong. The connection time is 1hour 59 minutes. Do I need to go through customs and security check again? Is the connection time enough?
I am flying into Chicago from Cleveland (United-Terminal 1/2) and have 90 minutes to catch my Aer Lingus flight to Dublin (Terminal 5). Should I change my flight so I have a longer layover? Thanks!
Do you have checked bags? Are all tickets on the same reservation? If everything is on the same reservation that should be enough time. You will take the ATS Train to T5 and go through security. Of course, if you can change to a longer connection, I probably would just to be safe.
I am flying in from Spain on Iberian arriving at T5 with just under two hours for a connection on Envoy to YYZ. What do I have to do re baggage and getting to T3 Thank You.
Upon arrival at T5 you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, and then re-check your bags at the transfer desk. Then you will go up two levels to the ATS train and take it one stop to T3 and go through security.
United Flight arrives at 4:30 - Connection is at 6 - Both Terminal 1. Advise closest exit to smoke please. Thank you!
There's only one exit to Terminal 1 - the front doors. Note that the Chicago code requires you to go quite a ways away from the doors to smoke as well. You have enough time as long as you head back to security by 5:15.
Thank you...actually, it appears that my connection departs from Concourse B. Is that closer to the exit doors? TY again..;)
I forgot to mention..I am flying First Class - will that make a difference on timing? Security? TY...
I have connecting flight from AMS-ODR-SFO. Layover in Chicago is 1 hour and 45 minutes. I'm not an US-citizen, so my biggest concern is the lane at the migration. This is my first time at the O'hare airport, so I also don't know the distance from the migration to the baggage claim and from the baggage claim to the counter to drop off my bags again. Could you please tell me the connecting flight procedure? Is there a fast lane at the migration for people who need to catch their next flight? Is 1 hour and 45 minutes enough time to make the connection? And how far is the baggage claim to the drop off counter?