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I am leaving for a flight to Norfolk from ORD at 1 pm on 6/27 what time should I be at the airport?
11:30 without checked bags, 11 with checked bags.
Flying out of ORD on July 5th on United going to Paris. Park and Fly won't drop us off until 4:15 should we cab it to be safe? What time should we arrive?
That's enough time. Where are you flying first? The United flight to Paris leaves in the evening.
Connecting through New York..
I am leaving from ORD to Boston tomorrow evening at 9:30PM, what time should I arrive at the airport to make it through security? I've never flown out of o'hare airport before so I am unsure about wait times.
Friday night .... id say 2 hours. Those lines can get crazy. If you are pre check it will save you half an hour. Lucky to be heading to boston. Happy trails !
UA flight to Shannon, Ireland on Saturday at 6:05 PM. We have Global Entry. How early should we arrive. Thank you.
Is there a family restroom in terminal five?
We are checking bags and going to Toronto on a 6:20AM flight - What time do we need to get to the ORD?
You should be walking in the door by 4:50 AM
departing at 5:15 from Terminal 3 on Sunday. How much time is needed for security/checkin? What time should I arrive at ORD?
5:15 AM, BTW
Security opens at 3:15, so any time between 3:15 and 3:45 should be fine. Even close to 4 would be OK if you don't have to check bags.
Hi we fly out on June 10th at 710am on spirit what time should we arrive?
5-5:30 AM (closer to 5 if you have bags to check).
Arrival time for international flights ?
at least 2 hours before the flight.
I have a 5 AM flight out of ORD for Phoenix. If checking in bags, would arriving by 3:30 AM be enough time?

Yes, the security checkpoints don't open until 3:15, so at 3:30 the airport will still be pretty empty.