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Phone: (773) 736-7638
Address: 5081 N Elston Ave
City: Chicago
State: IL
ZIP: 60630
Email: [email protected]
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I have only a carry on, if no delay I arrive at terminal 2 at 8:20 pm and a Coach Line shuttle leaves at 8:45 pm - would I make that?
It's possible. It probably takes 10-15 minutes to get to the shuttle though.
How do I get from CHI-ORD to union station?
Take the CTA Blue Line to the Clinton station - it is about 2 blocks from Union Station. The trip takes a little less than an hour.
Hi, I have a flight from ORD to New York however the transit time is only 45 minutes. I know that this time is sufficient for a transfer but just incase. If I do happen to miss my flight whom should I contact? Will another flight be arrange (on the same day) if the first flight is late.
American and United operate hourly flights from ORD to New York. If you miss your flight you will be rebooked on the next available flight. Both airlines have kiosks to get your new boarding passes. If you have a problem, go see the gate agent at the next New York flight.
I am traveling to Waterloo, Canada from Chicago ORD.
What is the most convenient transport from terminal 5 to terminal 3?
Do I need to go through security check?
Do I need to check out my luggage at terminal 5 and check in at terminal 3?
The only way to get between T3 and T5 is the ATS train. You can re-check your bags with American right after you exit customs in T5, you don't have to bring them to T3 with you.
i'm arriving at T3H5 with AA; what's the nearest exit to a taxi and how do i get there? i checked ord maps, no clear way out
will 1 hour from landing (hopefully on time) be enough to get to union station by cab (b4 morning rush hour)? thanks for guidance
In general, the taxi stand is right outside of the baggage claim level.
Traffic is bad most of the day in Chicago between O'Hare and downtown. However, a taxi can probably do the trip in less than an hour.
Flying from Finland to ORD in June with a small 7 pound dog and we'll need to get to Kalamazoo. Have found out that neither Amtrak nor Greyhound accept animals. Flying and some car services are quite expensive. Any pointers for an affortable transportation are highly appreciated.
If you google 'Transport Chicago Ord to Kalamazoo, you get, among other options a taxi fare quote of $58 (plus customary tip).
$58 is awfully cheap for such a long trip. Can you drive? If so it would probably be cheapest to do a one-way car rental from ORD to Kalamazoo airport.
Unfortunately I don't have a licence. And yes 58$ sounds too good to be true as all companies I found charge around 300$. But will check it out. Thanks
Indian Trails also has a Chicago-Kalamazoo bus - it doesn't say on their website that they don't carry pets, so you could call and ask. http://www.indiantrails.com/
Need to know the name of the Bus Service that goes from Ohare to Kankakee, il........I tried all 7 of the ones on the ohare ground transportation and none of them go there...Anyone know the name of the one bus service that does?
There is no scheduled direct bus service from O'Hare to Kankakee. 303 Taxi offers flat rate taxi service for $103 http://www.303taxi.com/local/kankakee.html

If you're looking for something cheap that will take a little longer, you can take the CTA blue line to downtown chicago (Clinton station) and take the Greyhound bus for $14-$26 or Amtrak ($7-$18) to Kankakee.

It does appear there used to be scheduled bus service from O'Hare to Kankakee operated by a company called Lincolnland Expess, but it shut down in 2012.
I know this is in response to an inquiry from almost 8 months ago but it looks like I have some information that would benefit others. This is just an FYI for anyone that could use this info...As a licensed taxi driver I can tell you the generally accepted rule for travel outside the metro Chicago area is 3 times the mileage, plus tolls, plus $2 departure tax.Travel from ORD to Kankakee is 74 miles so I would charge about $222 plus tolls and tax. If 303 can do it for less than $1.50 per mile with no return fare I'd be surprised. That may be the reason for the lowball fare. I can not pick up in Kankakee, maybe 303 can. good luck.
They were very affordable, clean and classy looking car. I think what impressed me the most was that the driver was waiting on me 30 minutes even before my plane touched down. 773 777 7778 and 773 372 2815 that is the number for their service
There is a great service in the O`hare i use them all the time 773-934-6225-773-609-5451 give it try