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Hi, I will be flying to PIT from Malaysia. My first port of entry will be ORD. My transit time in ORD will be 2 hours. will it be enough time for me ?understand that I have to go through the custom and TSA processed once I reached ORD
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly and it's all on the same reservation.
How early should I arrive before my flight. I am flying at 0600 to Dominican Republic with a lay over in Atlanta.
Get to the airport at about 4 AM.
Will I need to go through security in Terminal 1 if traveling on United from Kansas City and further on to Munich on Lufthansa - still from Terminal 1 ?
No, you do not have to go through security. All you have to do is walk from his arrival gate to your departure gate if both flights are on the same reservation.
We'll be flying out of O'Hare to Atlanta on Delta in 10 days time (Saturday) at 10:00 with baggage to check. How early do we need to arrive? In May, TSA said 3 hours but I hope that has reduced now.
I would still try to get there at about 8.
I am flying american and have heard about the security slowness. Can I just use security for Terminal 2 and walk over to terminal 3?

I am leaving through O'hare at on a 9:25pm flight, Terminal 5. The website says to arrive 2 hours in advance. Is this really true or is it necessary to give myself more time?
2 Hours should be OK, especially that that time of the evening.
Flying out 5/27. Flight is at 12:30. What time should I get to airport to get through security intime, I am not checking any bags?
We are flying into O'Hare on United from Fort Wayne, IN at 6:22 pm on a Monday. It looks as if we need to go from Terminal 2 to Terminal 5. Will we need to go through security again? If so, will an hr + 54 minutes be enough?
Where are you flying to out of O'hare? That should be enough time.
How long are the wait times at Terminal 3? Need to catch a 8:15 flight. What time should I arrive?
Get there at 5:15-5:30. That's the worst terminal and worst time of the day.
CNBC reported live from ORD at 6am this morning and the TSA Precheck line was over an hour long and the regular lines were longer. Why does this site say they're only 10-20 minutes long?
This site has just a directory of old historical averages. It is not a live tracker. There is no such thing.