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ORD Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Have you seen it ? am looking for an ID. Color blue.
I just booked two separate flights on two separate names - ITO-ORD (green card name) and ORD-WAW (polish passport name). They are same day flights, 8 hour layover in Chicago. Will I be subject to quarantine upon arrival in Chicago and prevented from flying to Poland?
Can anyone help me. I'm coming in from Flint Michigan on AA and on my boarding pass it states "Terminal … Gate 11 and I need to get to T3, gate G8 and I only have 20 minutes. Will that be enough time. I have a bad leg?
What terminal are you arriving at. The post says ...
How long is it from Terminal one to terminal 3? I have only 30 minutes to make a connection
coming in on domestic United flight then catching international United flight, how long of a connection time do I need?
How long will it take to go from Gate C2 (9:40am arrival) to Gate B17 (10:15am departure)?
Is 54 minutes enough to make the connection from Terminal 1 United Express: Air Canada to Terminal 2 UnitedExpress: Wisconsin Air
How long to walk from terminal 1 B24 to Terminal2 F14?
We will be flying in on American Airlines at 7:49am from SGF (Springfield, MO), flight to London Heathrow departs at 9:05am. Will we be in one terminal or switching? If switching, any chance we will make the flight?
Best way currently to transfer from arrival to terminal 2 about 1930 to terminal 5 for midnight flight. Prefer minimal security checks.Thank you