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ORD Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I take United airline from LAN to ORD arrival time 12:05pm at terminal 2 is that enough time for me catch my connection flight Cathay Pacific Airway from ORD to MNL departure time 3:30pm at terminal 5. My domestic flight and international flight are in different itinerary separate ticket and different airline, can I check in my luggage in United airline counter all the way to my final destination Manila, Philippine? Or do I have to claim my luggage and recheck in again to my final destination? It got me worry wether I have enough time within 3 hours to claim and recheck luggage, go through the line for security check point, immigration passport then catch the train from terminal 2 to terminal 5 gate to catch my connection flight?
Flying United. Albuquerque to ORD, a 51 minute (theoretically) period to get to my United Express flight to Montreal. I arrive at terminal 1 and leave from Terminal 2. Do my husband and I have enough time? Would it be faster if we got one of those airport carts? We're not disabled, but we're in our 70's and not as spry as we used to be. Thank you - this is making me so nervous.
I am flying Aer Lingus from Dublin to O’Hare and connecting on same ticket to flight to Lansing- I am checking a bag and only have 1 hour- what’s the best route terminal 5 to 2 and do i have enough time? Flight arrives Friday afternoon
I am arriving at ORD, on Indian Airlines Sat 7.30am at Terminal 5 and Departing from terminal 2 at 10am on Air canada
1. is this enough time to make this connection?
2. what is the fastest way to get from term5 to term2 during this time of the day?
I have a 44 min connection time from Terminal 1 Gate F1 to Terminal 2 Gate C24. How likely I will make it? Rain in forecast. Last flight of the day to my destination.
I have a 55 minute domestic connection to get from a United flight in Terminal 2 to an American Airlines flight in Terminal 3. Also, I will have bags that have been checked. Will I have time to make the connection in the different terminal and will the bags be checked through without having to pick them up? Thank you.
I have only 45 minutes connection between gates K15 and G 7 in Terminal 3. Is that enough time?
Our return flight from DUB to ORD will be on Aer Lingus. Once in ORD we have two hours to catch a flight to St. Louis. We have checked bags on the Are Lingus flight. These two flights are not part of the same ticket.

Will we have to go to baggage claim to get our bags and then go back through TSA security to get on our STL flight? Will two hours be sufficient to accomplish that?
I am arriving to ORD, on UA Fri 8:30 PM. Departing from Term 5 , Turk Air at 9:40 pm
1. is this enough time to make this connection?
2. what is the fastest way to get from term1 to term5 during this time of the day?
Would a connection time of 1 hour 15 minutes be sufficient for connection from UA 1826 (from SAV) to UA952 (to MUC)?
Thank you!