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ORD Gate Connections DISCUSSION

coming in on domestic United flight then catching international United flight, how long of a connection time do I need?
How long will it take to go from Gate C2 (9:40am arrival) to Gate B17 (10:15am departure)?
Is 54 minutes enough to make the connection from Terminal 1 United Express: Air Canada to Terminal 2 UnitedExpress: Wisconsin Air
How long to walk from terminal 1 B24 to Terminal2 F14?
We will be flying in on American Airlines at 7:49am from SGF (Springfield, MO), flight to London Heathrow departs at 9:05am. Will we be in one terminal or switching? If switching, any chance we will make the flight?
Best way currently to transfer from arrival to terminal 2 about 1930 to terminal 5 for midnight flight. Prefer minimal security checks.Thank you
We are flying into terminal 3 gate g18 and need to be at gate H18 in 40 minutes. Is this possible or is there a people mover or shuttle?
how long does it take to get from gate H11 to H18 at terminal 3? connecting flight to seattle. I only have a 30 min layover
My SpiritAir flight arrives in Terminal 3 at 1030am. I have a connecting flight with AmericanAirlines at Terminal 5 for 1150am departure. How much reasonable time does it take to get from 3 to 5
I spoke with customer service and she said there is a train from terminal 1 to terminal 5. Is that the shuttle or is there a train? Do I go out of security?