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ORD Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Hi, Traveling from PHX to Rome with a layover of 1 hour at O'Hare. PHX to O'Hare is on American Airlines. We then leave on British Airways to Rome. Will we have time to make our connection?
Arriving on a United flight international from Cancun and have 90 minutes to get luggage and through customs and to a domestic flight to Portland Maine, terminal 2, gate F28
any advice on how to make that flight?
I fly with united airlines from rdu to o’hare and I have connection flight to Dublin but I have only 1h37m stop that’s enough time or not thank you
How do you get from domestic arrival to international gate 5 and only have a 90 minute layover. Is this possible
Never connected in ORD before - arriving (domestic flight) on AA at 11:05 AM - connecting with another AA domestic flight at 12:20 Is that enough time ?
is 1 hour 50 mins transfer time enough when travelling from Edinburgh Scotland to ORd then connecting to DFW international
What terminal does Frontier come in after departing from Florida?
Did not realize that changing from Terminal 2 to 5 would be so complicated. We have a flight in May that has about an hour layover, i'm afraid that we won't make the change. Any suggestions?
change your flight. only 60 minutes in O'hare is almost impossible to do. I fly through O'hare a lot, and for domestic flights I schedule at least 90 minute layover!
How is ground transportation from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3 for people making connections since the train is shut down. All the Ohare website says in that the CDA is operating shuttles. I assume I have to clear security again even though I am arriving on a domestic flight.
What terminal does Volaris depart from?