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I have a 44 min connection time from Terminal 1 Gate F1 to Terminal 2 Gate C24. How likely I will make it? Rain in forecast. Last flight of the day to my destination.
I have a 55 minute domestic connection to get from a United flight in Terminal 2 to an American Airlines flight in Terminal 3. Also, I will have bags that have been checked. Will I have time to make the connection in the different terminal and will the bags be checked through without having to pick them up? Thank you.
I have only 45 minutes connection between gates K15 and G 7 in Terminal 3. Is that enough time?
Our return flight from DUB to ORD will be on Aer Lingus. Once in ORD we have two hours to catch a flight to St. Louis. We have checked bags on the Are Lingus flight. These two flights are not part of the same ticket.

Will we have to go to baggage claim to get our bags and then go back through TSA security to get on our STL flight? Will two hours be sufficient to accomplish that?
I am arriving to ORD, on UA Fri 8:30 PM. Departing from Term 5 , Turk Air at 9:40 pm
1. is this enough time to make this connection?
2. what is the fastest way to get from term1 to term5 during this time of the day?
Would a connection time of 1 hour 15 minutes be sufficient for connection from UA 1826 (from SAV) to UA952 (to MUC)?
Thank you!
We have one hour fifteen minutes to change from American to British Air. I presume it is a legal connection but I am feeling insecure about it. How difficult will this be
im arriving into terminal 3
need to claim my luggage and take it terminal 5 to check into my flight.
can i go back to terminal 3 after going through security at terminal 5? or do i need to go back to terminal 3 before going through security at terminal 5.
Hi, I have a delta connection between domestic flight landing in T2 to Rome departing in T5 with just over an hour layover. I know I can take the airside bus to bi-pass a second security point, but will that be enough time for the connection of code share partners? Thanks for your insight.
Hi, I land in ORD at 14:55 with Qatar airlines in Terminal 5, I then have a connection flight to Oklahoma City at 16:35 with American airlines leaving from Terminal 3. Will I have enough time to get through customs & travel to Terminal 3 in time for my onwards flights?