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Departing American Airlines on 9/6, flight scheduled to depart at 5am. We plan to arrive at 3am no checked luggage but will probably print the tickets at the airport. Is this enough time to go through security and get to our gate? Do you know if we would need to change terminals in Miami for our continued flight onto Punta Cana? We have a 55 minute layover. Thank you, we don't travel very much. First time international travel in 35 years.
Security opens at 3:15, so if you get there at 3 you'll just be waiting for awhile until it opens and will be at the head of the line. All you have to do in Miami is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank you!
Flying to Costa Rica from
ORD on Friday at 9 a.m. from Terminal 5. When should I arrive at airport.
Are you flying a charter on Xtra Airways? I would arrive at 6:30. Sometimes the check in process for those charters is a mess.

I am an Indian citizen travelling from London(LHR) to Kentucky(LEX) via Chicago(ORD). I am ariving ORD at 19:40 and have to catch the domestic flight to LEX at 21:39. Both the flights are of American Airlines.

Do you think if this duration of 2hrs sufficient for transit considering immigration, customs baggage check in/out, security etc?

Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

That is barely enough time if everything goes smoothly. There's nothing you can do to speed up the process other than moving as quickly as you can and having all your documents ready.
My friend is flying international from Chicago and I am flying domestic on the same day. Will my friend be able to wait with me at my terminal until their flight? I fly out 3 hours before they do.
What airline is your friend flying?
Hello, I am travelling from Zurich to Charleston SC via Chicago on Sept 2. I only have a carry-on bag and I have an ESTA which I already used to travel to the US. Can I use APC and One Stop or just one of them? Is One Stop also located before Immigration or is the one stop located after immigration in Chicago? Which is faster? I have a 2 hour lay-over before my next flight. Both are UA however first flight is operated by Swiss.
Yes, you can use either the APC or OneStop. Onestop is located before you get to the main immigration hall, there are signs for it. You should have enough time. Onestop is usually faster.
I'll be flying from Lincoln ne to order do i need to go through customs and if I do however long will.it take for me to get through thanks in advance
You don;t need to go through customs when leaving the us. Just when you arrive in a different country. I would alow at least 1hr 30min maybe even 2hr 30min if your flight gets delayed or canceled. What airlines are you flying on?
I have a flight Sunday morning at 10am. Should I get there at 7 or 8? No checked baggage. Thank you!
8 should be fine. Lines get shorter mid-morning anyway.
Hello, I will arrive to ORD(with a Greek passport and F1 student visa and etc) on 28 July 13:25 with United airlines. In particular the trip is Athens-Vienna-Chicago served by Austrian airlines to Vienna and by United airlines to Chicago. Also I have booked a separate ticket from ORD to Indianapolis internationnal airport served by United with departure time 15:55. I have almost no experience with airport as this will be the second time I will take a plane. Well, I would like someone to tell me what procedure should I follow after my arrival at ORD and tell me if the 2 and a half hours is enough to catch the plane to Indianapolis. Please give me any advice you think it could help and ask if any other information is required. Thanks in advance!
Your flight to Chicago will also be operated by Austrian. When you arrive you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, and go through US Customs, then you will have to take the ATS Train to Terminal 1, re-check your bags with United, and go through security. You barely have enough time if everything goes perfectly. Keep in mind that if you miss your connection or aren't able to change your ticket. You can just take the bus to Indianapolis from Chicago. It takes less than 3 hours.
ZAP I have no words to say thank you!!! Well,my final destination is Bloomington IN. Do you know if there is a bus from Chicago to Bloommington? Lets hope everything is going to be ok.
Once again THANK YOU!!
There is a bus that only operates during the school year from Merrilville, Indiana to Indiana University. However, Merrilville is quite a ways from O'Hare Airport - http://goexpresschicago.com/ Greyhound also operates a direct bus every day from near downtown Chicago to downtown Bloomington but it only operates once a day at 7 AM, so you'd have to spend the night in Chicago if you wanted to take that.
Traveling with my mother, who is 96 and ambulatory, but will need a wheelchair to navigate the airport. Can we get, and navigate through, terminal 1 security lines with an airport supplied wheelchair? Any tips on making this as painless as possible?
The airport does not supply wheelchairs. If you need wheelchair service you need to contact her airline.
I'm flying from Helsinki to Flint and will be changing the plane in Chicago. Is two hours and thirty minutes enough time for the transfer when the first flight is by Finnair and the second Envoy Air As American Eagle? What terminals etc are in question and do I need to go through security etc?
You will arrive in Terminal 5, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then take the ATS Train to Terminal 3 and go through security. Your flight to Flint will depart from Concourse G or L. You should have enough time if everything goes smoothly.