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I have a 6am (terminal 3) flight out of O'hare. I could show up at 3am, but I don' t think security opens until 4am. Will I be ok if I show up at 4am? I have precheck if that helps.
Security opens at 3:15 but Precheck doesn't open until about 5.
my parents are fluing in to ORD to T5 amd have to get to T3, where do they pick up and re check baggage? Also do they hae to re check in and get their tickets?
As soon as you get thru customs, collect bags and drop after you exit baggage claim at respective airline just outside the exit. Take escalator up to train level and take train to T3 (they arrive every 5-10 minutes and less than 10 minutes to T3). If they don't have boarding passes for next flight, they will have to visit their airline's customer service or check-in desk. They'll have to go thru Security at T3 to get to their gate.
May 30th arriving via American Eagle @ 7:20 PM connecting with SAS to Copenhagen departure 10:05 pm. We will have 2 checked bags. 1. Will we have to claim and recheck our bags? 2. Will we have to go thru security for Terminal 5 on arrival? Will we make it??
Has the extreme long lines at ORD been corrected or is there still 3 hour delays to get through security?
Things have gotten much better, the longest lines are now down to about an hour. So arriving 2 hours before any flight should be realistically sufficient.
what if I have international flight ?
I am planning a trip Wed 5/25 for a 9AM flight (AA), I read that the TSA lines are getting better. How much time should I give myself to make sure that I don't miss this flight?
It is getting better, but I'd still get there at like 6:30. Morning is still the busiest time, but I think they're at least recognizing that now.
Flying out of O'Hare on Tuesday morning to Miami at 5:00am. What time do I need to get to the airport by? I hear security doesn't open until 4am?
Security opens at 3:15
Thank you!
I'm leaving ORD at 8:00 PM on a Sunday night in June (terminal 5). Airline is Aer Lingus.

Any guesses as to how much time I should allocate for getting through security?
Get there 3 hours before, so about 5 PM.
Hi, I have flight (LOT airlines to Poland) from Terminal 5 on Sunday (05/22) at 21:25. What time should I be on the airport to clear the TSA Precheck ?
There is no pre-check in Terminal 5. You should be at the airport by 18:15.
My parents are leaving at 6am. They are recommending 3 hours before the flight. But I've heard rumors the TSA does not start until 4am.
Yes, but there will be people in line at 3 or 3:30. It's just a thoroughly stupid situation. Flying out at 6 AM used to be very easy.
My flight is on American tomorrow at 6am to Boston. My host suggests getting there at 3:30. Too early? Not early enough? Thanks
That's about right.
If flying United in and out of term 1, and coming back from Dublin, through ORD final destination SFO, how do I clear customs? Do I have to clear security too?