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Do any ATM's at CVG dispense Euros?
Where do I pick up a passenger arriving via Allegeintbairlines.
The arrivals level. CVG now only has one terminal in use.
will I be able to know where to pick up someone coming in on Fronteir airlines
All Airlines at CVG use the same terminal.
how far is this airport to cincinatti children's hospital?
1. Open http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/default/ - click on "Quick Links" - "Location & Direction". Most of their locations can be reached via I-275. You may want to contact CVG Airport at http://www.cvgairport.com/contact-us.aspx or tel. (859) 767 3151 for specific travel information. These are the transportation optios at CVG: 1. For taxi service (general number 859-767-3260), go to the taxi desk in Terminal 3's baggage claim area, or use the phone in Terminal 2's baggage claim.
2. For shuttle, van & car service contact Executive Transportation at 859-261-8841 or 800-990-8841 or go to the shuttle desk in the baggage claim areas.
3. The frequently-running public TANK bus (859-31-8265), route 2X, serves downtown and Covington daily, 5am-midnight.
A passenger points out that Cincinnati is an easy airport to connect through, that you get quickly from parking space to your gate, even at rush hours, and that TSA is doing a better job than in other airports.