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Continental baggage claim told me that my bag was there... I went to airport and they had given it to the wrong person and now refuse to help me. What can i do?
While baggage is the domain of Airlines, Continental is responsible for your loss & you need to contact Continental again. However, it might also be a good idea to call (tel. 216-265-6000) or send an e-mail to the Airport by completing the Airport's form at
My baggage went to Cleveland without me because I got re-routed because of delays. I was assured my bag was going with me. When I reached Pasco, WA, no bag. They say most are returned within 24 hours. I have heard nothing and have no way to talk to a live person. I see there are flights leaving Cleveland to Denver, then to Pasco, so why isn't my bag here yet? Who can I talk to? The tracking number is a recording.
Sorry to hear about your baggage problem. If you haven't received it by now you need to contact your Airline (or Airlines if you used different ones) - refer to "Lost Luggage". Hope your bags have already reached you.