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how do I get my heavy bags from the drop off area to the check in ticket counter
How can I a wheelchair at the shuttle drop off?
Or if we park at long term in the airport, how do we get a wheelchair?
I have one arranged with airline, but we'll need one to get from parking to ticket counter.
Thank you!
Need number for luggage cart rental. Put my credit card in and couldn't get cart out. It timed out and tried it again. Second time I did get cart. I would like one of the charges removed. What is their telephone number.
where is the air canada terminal at cleveland hopkins
Because your shuttle drop off area is so far away from the terminal I need wheelchair help to get to the terminal where my airline will assist me. How do I contact wheelchair people at the terminal entrance?
My husband & I are going to be flying on ALLEGIANT'S, Monday the 15th. I am going to need a wheelchair when we get to the airport. I was wondering if there is a place close by the entrance where we will be able to get a wheelchair okay? Thank-you!
my 90 year old aunt will be flying out of Cleveland. Although she is in pretty good physical condition. She has only flown a few times in her life and does not know her way around. Is there someone at the airport that can guide her through baggage check through TSA then to her gate
The only way to get that is to request wheelchair assistance by contacting her airline.
why are there no electric carts for concourse B or from security checkpoint to concourses?
Electric carts are for people who require wheelchair assistance to cover long distances. The distance to concourse B is short enough that they can just be pushed in their wheelchair.
I saw the article in the airline magazine about Jackie Jones. Is there a way to contact her through email or a phone call at the Cleveland Airport? Thank you Janeth
My daughter and 7 month old grandson are flying back to AZ, Can my husband & I sit and wait at gate with her.
Non-ticket holders are not permitted in the secured areas of the terminal; however, you may get special permission. Inquire how to get such permit at CLE by calling (216) 265 6000 or e-mailing