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CGN : Any transportation between T1 and T2? Mar 30, '18 Comments: 0

Cologne Bonn Airport Gate Connections

I would like to visit the lounge in Terminal 2 before get on the Eurowing flight in Terminal 1.
May I know any transportation in between these two Terminals? Or how long I need to walk back from T2 to T1.
Thanks, Julia

CGN : travel time for international Jun 14, '17 Comments: 0

Cologne Bonn Airport Traveler Help

I am about to book a multi-leg trip and one part arrives at CGN and then gives me 2 hours and 10 min to make it to my next flight which is an international portion (changing airlines, but no luggage - just a personal item)...the booking company lists that I will have to go through security again before getting on my flight. Will that be enough time or will I be stuck? Thanks!

CGN : When is a connection too tight? Apr 04, '12 Comments: 0

Cologne Bonn Airport Gate Connections

I just got a note from Germanwings showing a schedule change for my family and I in June. Our layover in CGN is down to 45 minutes (1800 - 1845) coming from Italy, departing to another German airport. The note suggested we call to discuss rebooking, although I was given a link to accept online. From their website, "rebooking" looks like a RON at CGN or a push to another airline. I probably would stick with the booking at most US airports and take the risk vs adding an overnight hotel. Any tricks or quirks at CGN I should know about? Thanks in advance!!