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what is the estimated time from one terminal to another?
my wife has to pick up her luggage from arrivals and she has to check in again , is one hour sufficient time to board the plane , are the gates close to each other
We land at 7:10 AM on SAS 926 and have a 50 minute layover. We depart 8:00AM on SAS 2683.
Do I need to clear customs at SPH? Are the terminals between the connections far? We are concerned we could miss the connection. Thank you.
How do I get from SAS flight #936 from San Francisco to Swiss Air flight #3505 to Zurich? How long should it take on a Saturday afternoon in June?
Arrive 13:20 on SK936 from SFO January 17, 2018. Depart 14:05 on SK2868 to Bergen. Is 45 minutes enough time?
Is there security check/passport control between arrival gate and departure gate?
Thursday 19th, we arrive from Oslo, to Copenhagen, arriving to terminal 3 at 20.00. We have connecting flight to New Delhi/AirIndia at 20.45, departing from terminal 2. How far is it in between and how to we get there? Walking/Coach?
Thanks for help,
Regards Stina Ericsson
My flight from Aalborg arrives 7.15 and the flight to Egypt leaves from Terminal 2 at 9.30. I want to know how far is the walking distance... in the "old days" where the domenstic terminal was separate, we often ran outside and along side the airport, to catch a connection at Terminal 3. How would you suggest we do? Is it far away.. It will be a Danish charter plane departing from Terminal 2. I do not have the flight nr yet. Thanks in advance, I am a little nervous about it...
I am flying SAS from the US to Athens, Greece via CPH. Do I have to go through immigration and security in CPH?
In Copenhagen you will go through Schengen Entry Passport Control.
My dad if flying by SAS airlines no luggage , does he have to go through passport control? he has 2 hours between the flight is that enough? He arrives and leaves from the same terminal 3 is departure and arrivals far from each other? Please advise. Thank you.
Yes, he will go through Schengen Exit passport control in Copenhagen. He has plenty of time.
On July 7, 3 of us need to quickly connect from Flight DL 9535 that arrives from Amsterdam at 8:50 to Flight DX 36 to Bornholm that leaves at 9:40. Can you give us the gate numbers so that we can plan where we have to go? We don't have any checked luggage.