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CPH Gate Connections DISCUSSION

İ have a question related to visa requirements in Copenhagen Airport.
On my way back from New York to İstanbul, my first flight will land in Copenhagen terminal 3. And then my next flight to İstanbul will take off from terminal 2 after 2h 35min.
İn this case do i need to go through any passport control? it will be a problem since i dont have a Schengen visa.
Or is the transit area (or non-schengen area) between Terminal 3 to Terminal 2?
Thank you for your support.
Mistet Kort Goose jakke på toalettet Købehavn flyplass.24.09.18 ca kl16:00 Min adresse om den blir funnet : Kjellaug A. Tønnessen Tjørvevn 39,4563 Borhaug Norge
Need to know if 1 hour and 5 minutes is enough time between connecting flights.
I arrive from Istanbul on Air Canada 6693 operated by Turkish Airlines and depart on Air Canada 883 to Toronto Canada.
Arriving from Amsterdam at Terminal 3. After collecting luggage need to get to Terminal 2 outside baggage claim to meet group. How long and what is best way. Thanks
I have 50 minutes. I arrive from Bergen on SAS at 11:20 and leave Copenhagen on Air Canada at 12:15pm for Toronto. Do I have enough time? Do I go through customs of any sort?
Hi, how long does it take to walk from Terminal 2 arrivals to the Aiport Train Station?
I arrive at 19:15 and the train I need leaves at 19:38. Can I make it?
Arriving at 11AM from USA and transferring to Lufthansa flight at 12:45. I am assuming this enough time to get luggage, go thru customs, from Terminal 2 and then travel to terminal one to pick up domestic flight.
what is the estimated time from one terminal to another?
my wife has to pick up her luggage from arrivals and she has to check in again , is one hour sufficient time to board the plane , are the gates close to each other
We land at 7:10 AM on SAS 926 and have a 50 minute layover. We depart 8:00AM on SAS 2683.
Do I need to clear customs at SPH? Are the terminals between the connections far? We are concerned we could miss the connection. Thank you.