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Why do still have CNN ON THE TVs?
This is not the Corpus Christi Airport's website.
Dear all, I'm going to fly on May, 5th from CRP to Milan (stop-over in Dallas and Madrid) - what do i have to do with my baggages? They will be shipped directly in Milan right? Thank you so much!
They will be checked through to Milan in Corpus Christi, but you will have to claim them in Madrid when you go through EU immigration, then re-check them with Iberia (I assume that's who you are flying to Milan) when you exit customs in Madrid.
Even if i have all tickets booked as one with AA?
Yes, you always have to claim luggage when going through immigration. The re-check with Iberia will likely be right after you exit custom's.
Your colleague answered me this:
"If your bags are properly tagged with all three airport codes, they will arrive automatically in Milan, since you only use one airline. tumar13posted on Tue, Mar 19"