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Hello I have to get my husband on a plane tomorrow the 23rd, 430 is take off. What time should we get there to get through security?
4:30 is your departure time? (that is the time the plane leaves the gate). To be safe get to the airport at 2:30.
Yes, it’s a flight to Mexico City.
I need to get my daughter and grandson on a flight departing from A35 then get myself on a flight departing from C21. Can I go through security in A, walk her to her gate, then go to C21 without having to go through security again? How long of a walk is it between these gates? Our flights both depart at the same time, so we will be there earlier than normal.
Yes, you can. You can take the Skylink train between all gates inside security.
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I want to go to visit some places Sunday in Dallas but my flight does not leave till 7pm. Can I checkin in luggage early with AA at DFW and is there maybe storage for an extra bag till I return?
Arriving in Dallas from Rome and changing planes to San Antonio.
I have been reading about different customs lines. I have carry-on only bags and have also downloaded the mobile passport app so I have a choice of those two lines to help speed things up. Can you use the mobile passport in the carry on only line, if no then which line do you feel is more efficient?
I am arriving in Dallas from Maui and have a 10 hour wait until my connecting flight to London. Am I able to leave the airport to do a city tour?
Yes, you can.
Can you enter DFW from George Bush Turnpike?
I' ll be travelling from AMS to SLC with a 2. 40 connection time in DFW. I am travelling without checked luggage. At your website I read about a green lane for passengers without luggage. I am travelling on an ESTA. Can I use this lane and how do I get to my domestic flight afterwards ?
Yes, ESTA users can use OneStop/Green Lane. You will clear Immigration and customs with one check in that lane, then proceed to the security checkpoint in Terminal D and then take the Skylink to your departure gate.
You no longer have to claim your luggage in DFW for International to International connections in DFW between Qantas and AA. You still have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. You have just enough time.
I will be flying from Shanghai, China into DFW, where I will have a 3 and a half hour layover. Now, I know I have to go through customs when I get into the US but do I need to collect my checked bags before I go through customs? And if I do need to get my checked bags, how do I re-check them? Will it cost me money to re-check my bags after I go through customs?
Yes, you will have to claim your bags, take them through customs, and re-check them at the re-check desk right after. It doesn't cost you anything.
Does this still count if both of my flights are with American Airlines?
Yes, as long as where you are flying to out of DFW is also in the US.