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Can I use the DART system to get to the Marriott Courtyard in Fort Worth (Riverfront Drive); if yes, how?
next month I am going to Dallas (fortworth airport) from Seattle by domestic flight AA and at the same time my friends arrive at Dallas Fortworth airport from Qatar by international flight.
After collecting my baggage I need to meet them. Can any one give me directions how I can move from domestic arrival to international arrival and greet them?
How do I get from arrival terminal C11 to departure Terminal D37? Flight lands at 11:40 and boarding on outbound starts at 11:40.
The Skylink train connects all terminals and gates inside security.
Can you exit out of any gate to get to a cab or Uber?
The App will tell you the pick up locations when you open it in the airport.
Do not know how to determine distance between arrival and departure gates. If short, I can walk but if long I cannot make the distance in the short time I have between flights 50-55 minutes due to recovering ;from pneumonia.
You won't know your exact gates until the day of your flight. On that day they will be available on AA.com.
Coming into section C from Nashville on American and departing for Vancouver BC in section A. How long for this transfer
Can you please advise the closest car rental kiosk to Terminal A, Thank you
Hi there, I'll be arriving into DFW from EDI via LHR, how easy is it to get from terminal D to the DART station? I see there are transit trains and buses depending which side of security you are on, is it the train or bus that I'll need to use? Travelling on a tight budget so the £2.50 DART fare is a lot more appealing than the thought of a cab!
I have about 1hour 50 minutes to connect in DFW, arriving from Madrid and going to Cancun. December 23rd... Both flights are AA. I have carry on luggage... EU passports... any chance to make it? Thanks
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time and everything goes smoothly.
Free accessible green vans at DFW are located outside the baggage claim of each terminal run 8am-midnight; if it's later call 972-574-5465. Simply follow the Terminal Link signs to the nearest area for pickup or dropoff.