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My sister has a couple hour layover in Dallas DFW. Can I meet her someplace in the Airport to eat? Where?
what should you do with carry on bag when traveling alone and using the rest room facilities during layover at DFW
There should be enough room for you to take it in the stall with you. Never leave your bags unattended.
Are there airport lounges we can use?
Are there tours that will pick up at the airport?
What to do for 8 hrs???
40 minuter layover. Quickest way from end of Terminal B to end of terminal D?
Hi, I will be boarding from Guatemala City with further connection to Heathrow. Layover time at Dallas 6 hrs. Can I leave airport and go for shopping at local malls. I have B1B2 visa.
I have a 3-hour layover in DFW, can I leave my terminal and meet someone for a quick dinner at a restaurant within the airport? The person I'm meeting does not have a ticket. Is there a central location they can meet even though they have no intentions to fly? Just meeting for dinner.
I am about to book my flights which involve an 11hr wait in DFW
do i need a travel visa? even if i don't leave the airport?
If you need a visa to enter the US you need a visa to transit the US, even if you don't plan on leaving the airport.
During layover, can I leave secured area and get back in with my ticket starting and ending in other cities? Will they let me back in?
You will need a boarding pass for a flight departing DFW that day to go through security.
I'm flying into Dallas from Seoul. I have a layover in Dallas. Do I have to go through security check again? I'm purchasing items from duty free, so I want to make sure. Thanks
Yes, after you clear customs, you will have to go through security to access your departure gate. So any duty free liquor will have to be put in your checked baggage before re-checking it.
I have a 1 hour and 44 minutes layover arrive terminal A departs terminal D connnecting flight to korea i was wondering if i could make it on time and about my baggage.
Yes, all you have to do is take the Skylink train from your arrival gate to your departure gate if your bags are checked through. You should have plenty of time.