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I left my purse either at the love shack at gate E11 or the bathroom and was wondering if anyone turned it in it’s a addidas pouch purse with a arm strap I’ve asked TSA they said to ask the gate I was at
I need restroom locations outside security. Thanks!
are there any food service places in Terminal B before entering security?
What is the name of the face moisturizer store? Instant line remover? The ladies there meet you in the isle and will pull you in to show you their product.. Which works quite well. It's not Mac or locctane.
I need to find a quiet place in DFW terminal w/ good Wi-Fi, that affords the ability to have a confidential multi-person phone conference call.
What are the dining options outside of security near E gates?
No, there's pretty much nothing outside security in Terminal E.
What about outside security near Terminal D? We are flying to Mexico on American so assume we'll leave out of D.
Thanks for the info!
The only thing outside security in D is an Au Bon Pain deli/sandwich stand on the lower level.
Is there a post office inside the airport? If yes,where? Would I have to leave the secure area?
I am traveling from sydney Australia to Dallas then I have a connection flight from Dallas airport to Montreal airport, can I buy duty free items at Dallas airport
Yes, since you will have a boarding pass leaving the US (to Canada) you can buy duty free when waiting for your flight to Montreal. Note however that your Montreal flight will likely depart from Terminal B, which has very limited if any Duty Free offerings. If you have a lot of time you could perhaps use the Duty Free in Terminal D, which is much larger.
Are there PO boxes available at DFW? I'm moving to Mexico City and will be flying through DFW frequently, I'm looking for a convenient place to set up a US-based PO Box. Thanks!
I'm not aware of any, DFW is a very utilitarian facility with very few amenities outside security.
Where can I meet a friend who has a 2.5 hour layover outside of security at terminal C?
At an exit of the secure area in C. There is very little in Terminal C outside security.