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DFW Gate Connections DISCUSSION

time to get from terminal c to terminal b
I have a short time between flights. I arrive at 1:31pm on Monday 5/27 from San Jose, CA (flight AA 172) and leave to Nashville, TN (flight AA 371) at 2:39pm. Is location in one terminal?
We have a flight confirmation from Spirit Airlines that is telling us to pick up from Terminal 5 or use Terminal 5?? We cannot find Terminal 5. Where is it or isn’t this a mistake?
Hello, I am considering booking an American Airlines flight to DFW that connects to Aeromexico in 47 minutes. Is this long enough to make the connection? Presuming the initiating flight is on time.
I arrive from Japan, AA Flight 176, and have a connecting flight departing from Terminal B, AA Flight 3873. After going through immigration and customs will I have enough time to reach Terminal B?
We had to book 2 flights on separate tickets to fly from our home to Europe. Baggage will need to be picked up at DFW and we move to another terminal outside of security. Is there a service that takes passengers from one terminal to another outside of security?
How do I get from terminal a gate 35 to terminal c gate c11
I'm coming into DFW at 3:08PM to Terminal A, connecting to an international flight at 4:37PM from Terminal D. How do I get to that Terminal, and will I have enough time? Thanks much.
Fastest way to connect between terminal D7 to B7???
we arrive at terminal b and have about 55 minutes to make a connecting flight at terminal c. What is the best route to take. I know there is a train which I am told runs every few minutes