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Flying from a domestic airport into DFW on AA to catch International flight by Emirates to fly out of US.
Return flight into DFW by Emirates and connection to domestic airport by AA. Separate tickets for AA and Emirates on both ways.
1. Are there any shuttles at DFW from the AA arriving terminal to go the Terminal D (where Emirates is flying out) once I collect my luggage ?
2. On my return, once pass through the customs and immigration, is there a luggage transfer desk at Terminal D ?

Appreciate all inputs
Monday, Aug 6, Flight #1412 arrival terminal?
Hi, I am going to book a flight thru Dallas Forth Worth (Boston to Dallas to Palm Spring, CA) The layover is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. My bags will be checked thru to my final destination when I board in Boston. My concern is how long it takes to get from terminal to terminal. Is an hour enough time in between flights to make it? I assume I don't have to go thru security again on a domestic flight.

That's plenty of time assuming your inbound flight is on time. The longest ride you can possibly take on the train is about 10 minutes from farthest point to farthest point. You don't have to go through security again.
Hi, I'm flying tomorrow from San Jose, CA AA #172 to Dallas arriving gate C35 connecting international British Airways #1627 departing gate D30 to Rome. I have 40 minute connecting time. Will this be enough time using skylink?
It looks like my Delta flight gets into a gate in Terminal E. How go I get to the Super Shuttle ground transportation location?
How far apart are the terminals? Can I walk from A to D fairly quickly?
I have a connecting flight to dfw and the boarding pass from the departure location shows I have a baggage claim carousel. Gate arrival is in terminal c and departure is terminal d. I don't have to collect my luggage and then go to my next g as te do I? Leaving from Newark and traveling to AR
I arrive at terminal A and my connecting flight in in terminal E. Is skylink the best way to get to terminal E?
We are arriving DFW on 7/18 at 12:13 pm from SJO and have a connection to TUS at 2:20 pm. We only have carry-on baggage. Is this enough time to clear immigration and customs and make our connection?
My initial flight has been delayed getting into DFW, and now I only have 30 mins to get on to my connecting flight. Can you please share specific instructions for terminal travel between Terminal C, Gate C24 to Terminal B, Gate B3?