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DFW Gate Connections DISCUSSION

What do I have to do to transfer from an AA domestic to AA international flight at DFW? Do I have to claim luggage and then re-check? Re-screen through TSA? AA just reduced my layover from 2 hours to 1 and I don't feel this is enough time.
I have to go from Terminal D to terminal A, how can I do it? how many ti
Can I walk from Terminal C to Terminal D? Is there transportation to move within the airport?
time to walk from DFW GSTE A28 to C37
Quickest way to get from D to A
Hello, thanks in advance for any advice.

Two and a half hours is enough time ?
Arrival at Terminal D (Migration and Custom mandatory) with a connection at Terminal B,
Terminal Link or walking ?
I have a 50 minute connection from Terminal A gate 28 to Terminal D 33. Is this enough time to make the connection and what is the best way to make it, i.e., train, walk, etc?
I have less than and hr how long should this take
It took me less than 10 minutes to get from Terminal D to C via Skylink.. When you get off the plane just look for the signs. Everything is clearly marked.
Flying in from San Jose CA on American Air & departing to Springfield, IL on American Eagle. How do I get to the proper terminal?