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DFW Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I arrive terminal A at 5:59PM and depart terminal B at 6:41 Pm. Can I make the connection in a wheelchair??
My flight arrives to B4 at 1:52PM, I need to catch the next flight at 2:37PM at A33. Do I have enough time? Should I walk or Skylink?
Charter bus drop off location at terminal B
With a carry-on, can a passenger get from A-9 to C-6 in 20 minutes?

Arrive from Heathrow at 3.25pm on American flight 51 and fly out to Austin at. 6.25pm also American, flight 2594.

What gates will I likely arrive and depart on and is this layover long enough to do that

How long it takes to go from gate B9 to A36 thanks
I have 40 minutes to get from D21 to E28 can it be done and which is the fastest way
What is fastest way to get from gate C12 to B38
I only have about 1 hour from terminal A to D. how can I get there on time? Thanks!
arrivie SFO gate D38 1:38pm connecting to Munich gate A34 at 3:07pm. Do I go through security again at A terminal and if so, am I going to have enough time? Traveling with my mother who has a bad back and two kids 7 and 9.
Any advice is appreciated.