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Flight leaves Terminal E at 10:00am Friday morning. Not sure what traffic is like. Tips on what time to leave for airport. Thanks!
what is fastest way or route from C12 to A8 between flights?
We're considering flying through DFW from Amsterdam to Las Vegas, and I will carrying a heavy trunk, thus having it checked through my final destination is optimum. Does anyone know how the logistics are for carrying luggage through customs for re-check to final destination? Is it close to international AA gates, or do you recommend I need skip this airport option...? Thank you for any insight!
What kind of assistance is available for travelers with mobility impairment and what is the best way to arrange for assistance when having to move between terminals?
Contact your airline to request wheelchair assistance.
Hi, may I ask if it is possible to use the Carry EZ station for B1/B2 Visa holders rather than lining up in the Orange colored zone cue? My mom is scheduled to arrive this April with the B1/B2 Visa and she only have an hour to clear the Immigration, Custom and security check before her connecting flight to Mexico. She doesnt have any check in baggage.
Where is your mother coming from?
Hi, shes flying from Cebu, Philippines to HongKong and then Dallas
There's nothing on the Carry EZ page that says that people entering on a visa can't use it, so I think she can. However, a 1 hour international to international connection is still very difficult.
I see thank you, actualy her ETA from HongKong to Dallas is at 4:20pm and her connecting flight to Mexico is at 6:55pm, do you think theres not enough time? I heard afternoons are the busiest in DFW, should I change her Mexico flight then? the next available flight will be the following day though
I am flying from Dallas to Spain and wanted to know if there is a place to exchange my USA dollars to euros? Also is there a charge?
Yes, there is currency exchange in Terminal D at DFW.
Hi my Aunt will be traveling to Arizona from Boston. She has a lay over in DFW. She will be traveling alone. Is there a chaperone service to get her in a wheelchair and bring her to the connecting flight?
Yes, you request wheelchair service by contacting your airline. This is ifly.com
I am traveling with my mother who cannot walk far without tiring out. Can I book/request wheelchair service to get us to our connecting flight since we do not know how far of a walk that will be for her and we have a 1 hour, 20 min layover time?
Yes, you do that by calling your airline.
Hello. Flight gets in from Sydney at 1300 and connecting flight to Richmond is at 1425. Is this enough time? and is it far to get connection? Will we need to take the Skylink train to connect? Thanks
That's not realistically enough time. You have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and take the Skylink to your departure gate.
Leaving gso flight AA2539 April 18th, arriving dfw 9:38am, departing 10:40am flight AA125 to HKG, what terminal and gate do I arrive and what terminal/gate do I leave for HKG. Is 1 hour enough time to transfer flights and how do I get from arrival terminal to HKG departure?
You arrive in Terminal A or C and depart from Terminal D. You have enough time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate on the Skylink train.