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From which terminal is American Airlines flight #AA3359 from DFW to Springfield, MO departing on Mon., Dec. 11?
Never travelled to DFW before. On average, how long does it take from landing to collecting bags and leaving? We arrive at 1:30 (per flight itinerary) and am trying to figure out what time to reserve a vehicle for. Thanks y’all
For domestic flights it's typically 15-20 minutes.
Traveling on Qantas from SYD and connecting in DFW to American flight to FLL. Do I need to collect checked bag at customs?
Yes, you do.
Any suggestions on getting luggage from Domestic terminal to international terminal. I have been informed that the airlines will no longer check luggage through at check in. Flying Atlanta to Dallas than Dallas to Sydney.
You bring it with you on the shuttle bus.
My elderly mother will be traveling with us from DFW to Albuquerque this evening. She will need wheelchair assistance. Should we call ahead to request that, or ask at the skycap or check in counter when we arrive?
Yes, call American to request it. They can call for it at the curb or at the check-in counter.
I have a family member flying back from Cancun on Spirit airlines and the gate showing is in Terminal E. Do they get herded over to Terminal D for customs? Just trying to figure out where to pickup.
I am a grad student travelling from india to colorado and will be going my immigration check at dallas airport. I have a 1 hr 25 min layover at dallas airport will that be enough time for me to undergo immigration and board the flight forcolorado. I will be flying with British Airways.
I'm flying into D/FW for the first time on American Airlines, and I need to know how to get from my gate to the Alamo rental car booth. Where is it located?
We are flying through Dallas from Costa Rica to MN and I along with our three children are US citizens but my wife and mother of the children is not. Can we all go through customs together in the US citizens line or must we all go to the non US citizen line. We want to pass customs together.
At the same time at the passport Kiosk do we have to enter each passport or just mine? If we have to enter all of our passports will the system allow the Costa Rica passport of my wife? Thank you!
I am flying from Toronto, Canada to San Jose, Costa Rica. I have a 12 hour layover at DFW, will o have to collect my baggage and recheck it?
Thank you!