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Can I get a gate pass to get to the Whataburger and eat breakfast while I wait to pick up a coworker. I just want to get breakfast and exit the airport to wait outside on my coworker.
Great Breakfast! Friendly staff and fast. Best Breakfast tacos ever!!
We missed our flight and so we have to stay 6 hours in the airport. We found this great pizza store I never knew existed. My 5 and 7 year old kids loved it. I am glad they are opening one here in Lubbock! It was one of my dreams come to reality. Not a single crust left,the best pizza for us!
Are there public access restaurants at Love Airport? In other words, before the secured gate areas .
The airport website lists only something named "The Fly Bar" as being located pre-security. I have no clue what they serve other than that they are presumably a bar. From this facebook post, it appears they might only serve drinks - https://www.facebook.com/DallasLoveField/posts/10153629229264248
Excellent food, awesome experience
Hon, don't think Dickey's is real Texas BBQ. It isn't. If you've just gotta have one last rib for the road, well, don'tsay I didn't warn you! At best, it's 2 star fare.
Austin - Dallas Southwest Flight 1077 arrives at 830AM.
Dallas - Kanas City Southwest flight 6 leaves at 855AM.
What is the normal gates these two flights operate from?
The passenger terminal at DAL is temporarily split between Terminals 1 and 2. Southwest operates out of Terminal 2. Look at your ticket and at the overhead screen on arrival at DAL to find your connecting flight, gate number and time. You simply walk over to your next gate.