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I am flying united from terminal B and my son is flying American from terminal A, can we pass between the terminals without going through security?
Yes, you can. Also, they are just concourses, not terminals.
I am arriving and picking up luggage in the east terminal, friend is arriving in the west terminal. How do I get me and my luggage over to the west terminal to meet up with him??
It's just the other side of the same building on the same floor. You can just walk over there.
My bag is being held at the airport and they still have not scheduled a pickup for it. What should I do?!? No one answers the phone at the baggage desk and they have no answers for me. All of my infant son's stuff is in that bag and we desperately need it. Any suggestions?
Go to the airport? I'm guessing you were flying Frontier?
fly in on united at 8:37 fly out on southwest at 10:00 do i have time to check and recheck bags
That's barely enough time if the United flight is on-time. If you can do it with carry-ons only then I highly recommend it.
I want to fly Midway (Chicago) to San Francisco on United and have a 51 minute connection in Denver. I will have one checked bag. Is that enough time that the airline will most likely get my bag switched to the new plane?
United Airlines does not fly to Midway - you either have the wrong airport or wrong airline. Please double check your reservation.
Mixed up the airports. Flying from Madison, WI... but the important part, is that 51 minute connection enough time in Denver?
Yes that should be enough time. both flights will be on the B concourse in Denver.
We are coming in from Cabo San Lucas on a Frontier charter flight into Denver. We have a connecting flight (purchased separately) with United. We arrive from Cabo @ Denver 3:20pm. Our next flight departs Denver @ 6:47pm. Can just recheck our bags after we clear through customs? Is this were we also get our ticket for our next flight?
No, you will have to take your bags to the United Check-In desk on the departure level. You can get your United boarding passes there.
Where are United skycaps not that construction has changed everything? The last few times I was there, I never saw one. And soon I'll really need one.
How far is it from United arrival gate to baggage pickup
United has dozens of gates at DEN. There is a train between their concourse and the main terminal where the baggage claim is.
Security checkpoints in the Jeppesen Terminal of Denver Airport are both on Level 5, at the north and at the south part of the atrium.