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Is there a place in the airport to print an email?
Are you allowed to bring in sealed prepackaged food into DIA such as crackers n cheese etc. Thank you
Yes, you can.
Thanks again Zap. Have a Blessed week.
Are you allowed to bring plastic 1oz bottles of alcohol into DIA and on to the plane? Thank you
If you put them in the little plastic baggy with your toiletries, yes. However, it's against the rules to drink them on the plane.
Thank you Zap
I am meeting a friend who has a long layover at DEN. It seems all the places to dine or have coffee are after security. Can anyone suggest a meeting place pre security?
We are flying United and have a 2 1/2 hour layover. Where can we meet up with our Denver family for a drink at DIA?
You have to leave security to do so. Red Rocks Bar is outside security. You won't have much time.
Where are the VIP lounges located at Denver Airport? Those to be used by Business Class passengers. Thank you.
my niece has a 3 hr layover in DEN, anything to do other than eat? Does InMotion still rent movies?
Is there Catholic mass on Saturday at the non-denominational religious center at the airport?
No, it is a non-denominational chapel, not a church.