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DEN Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I am flying into Denver from CA with only an hour to connect to my international flight on Lufthansa. Can you tell me how to proceed?
Flying United from Moab to Denver then Frontier Denver to Washington DC. Can my bags get checked through or how hard is it to get my bags and recheck them through security different terminals etc. I have over 2 hours in between flights.
After arriving at Denver on one airline and making a connection with another airline in a different concourse (from United to American) do I have to go all the way to the main place and go through security again on strictly domestic airports.(from Colorado to Texas)
How long will it take me to get from the United Express Baggage Claim to the Delta Terminal for International flights?
Denver only has one terminal and Delta has no International flights from Denver.
I am making a connection in Denver from a domestic airport to an international flight (vancouver, BC). Will I need to go thru security again in Denver?
How far is frontier airlines to Denver connections.
if arriving on level 1- gate 77 in A concourse, do you have to go up to level 2 in concourse A to take escalator down to trains?
how far is it from Frontier to United. I'm arriving on Frontier and have an hr to catch a flight onUnited. is it enough time?
How busy will dia be Wednesday the 23rd of May
is there courtesy transportation between gates for the infirm