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we are flying from cancun to paris over denver. our flight should arrive at 16.55 and the flight to paris leaves at 19.45 so we have like 2.5 hours to change with re - check in. will that be enough time. We will arrive with frontier airlines and continue with norway airlines, is that a big way to do?
That is just enough time if the Frontier flight is on-time.
Is 38 minutes sufficient time to get from gate to gate for United flights?
It is possible but leaves no time to spare.
Hello! I am going to be traveling to San Diego from Jacksonville with a connecting flight in Denver. Both airlines are with Southwest and I have a 45 minute layover. First time on an airplane by myself. Is this going to be enough time to get from my arrival gate to my departure gate without having to rush?
Yes, that should be enough time if your first flight is on-time.
Hello! I have two questions. My family and I are flying from Dallas to Calgary Airport this summer with United.
#1 We have a 48 min layover in Denvere on the way there, will that be enough time? Do we have to go through security again since it is an international flight?
#2 On the way back from Calgary we have a stop again in Denver before we arrive home in Dallas. This time our layover is 1hr 18min. Will we have to go through customs since this is our first U.S. stop? Is 1hr 18 min going to be enough?

Thank you!
#1. No, there is no special security for international flights.
#2. You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Calgary. All you have to do in Denver is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.

both connection times are sufficient.
Is 48 minutes time enough to connect from United Express in Terminal A to United in Terminal B
United Express does not use Concourse A in Denver. All United and United Express flights except international flights that have to clear customs use Concourse B. You have enough time.
Arriving on concourse B need to know for Allegiant Air for Asheville
Allegiant uses Concourse A. If you have no checked bags you can go directly to your departure gate if you check in for your Allegiant flight online.
Due to an AC cancellation I rebooked with United. I fly (today) Philly to Denver (layover 1 hr) then Denver to Calgary Canada. No luggage to book-just carry on.
Question: When I arrive in Denver, do I go directly to my next gate (assuming I will need to change terminals to catch international flight) and then clear customs when home in Canada? Or do I clear security and then customs in Denver prior to boarding light to Calgary?
A bit confused on the process, thanks fo any help
You can just go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You do not have to change terminals as Denver only has one terminal. You go through Canadian Immigration and Customs in Canada. The only thing different in Denver is that you will just show your passport when boarding your flight to Calgary.
Much Obliged
Flying from Durango CO to Sacramento CA with united. there is 36 minutes between flights in Denver. Is it possible to make it?
Yes, it's possible. You just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate on concourse B. However, it leaves no time to spare.

My flight is at the end of July but curious about connection time. It will be on Tuesday and I will be coming from Munich with Lufthansa (arrival to DEN is 14:25). I booked a different ticket for my domestic flight with Frontier (departure is 17:06). Is 2.5 hours enough to make this connection? I will have one checked and one carry on baggage.
That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly. You will have to take your bag yourself to the Frontier check-in counter to re-check it after clearing Customs.
Thanks a lot! By the way, I am not a US citizen. Do you think it will make a big difference because queues may be different for passport check?
As soon as the first flight land, you grab your carry-on and run. Pass as many people as you could during the walk between your landing gate and the customs boarder so you can be at the front of the line. Otherwise you might be stuck in line for an hour or longer, but if you by-pass a lot of your co-passengers, it may take only 20 minutes. You have to get your checked bag after the customs and go re-check your luggage (take 1 min, your airline will have service station there). Then it's a matter of finding your new gate and go through TSA again (hope there's not a lot in line). Good luck!!
He has to go to the regular Frontier check-in desk to check his bag.
Thank you for the recommendations and information! :)
I am flying into Denver with a change of planes same carrier to Puerto Vilarta with only 45 minutes between flights. Will I make it and will my luggage?
Yes, if the first flight is domestic and on-time that should be enough time.