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We are flying Southwest Airlines and bringing our pet. Where can we take her to relieve herself?
where in the terminal is the Federal Express Drop off box?
after getting dropped off by an RTD bus a long way from luggage check in, how do we get help with luggage transport?
There is no such service.
need to store skies
There is no baggage storage in Denver International Airport.
Can I mail a package to the airport and pick it up when I arrive?
Can I mail a package to airport for my son to pick up before fligh?
How much do the baggage carts cost at DIA? And is it cash or credit card? Are they close to the entrance door?
I am flying into Denver on Southwest to see my daughter. My grandson is fling into Denver on Frontier to surprise her. S.W. lands at 6:50 a.m. Frontier lands at 7:12 a.m. Is it best to use an excuse to go to his concourse A to meet some friend and drive there? Shuttle there? or? I have luggage to wait for on S. W. he has a carry on. We want this to be a surprise and she is the driver. Would you please tell us the best way to surprise her?
Denver only has one Terminal.
My stepdaughter is wheelchair bound and will arrive in Denver Airport alone. Can it be arranged to have someone meet her so that she may have some assistance in getting her luggage and a taxi?
Two of us are traveling to Portland, Me. with an hour layover in Newark. How do I make arrangements for help in getting us to our connecting flight to Portland. We both have mobility issues.
If you need wheelchair assistance you need to contact Your airline and request it.
We are traveling to Portland Me and will have a layover in Newark. The longer leg of the trip from Denver to Newark we have Economy Plus and then the short leg is just Economy. Are we able to have carry-ons on both legs of the trip or only on the longer leg to Newark?
That depends on the type of aircraft flying your Portland-Newark route.