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DSM : TSA AND CHECK IN Jan 18, '19 Comments: 0

Des Moines Airport General Topics

How are the lines doing to check in luggage and TSA LINES?

DSM : How many parking spaces do you have in Des Moines Int'l Airport? Dec 09, '17 Comments: 0

Des Moines Airport Parking

I am doing a research so I would like to know how many parking spaces do the Des Moines Int'l Airport has?
Thanks for your answer

DSM : Pets with wheelchair assistsnce Sep 25, '17 Comments: 0

Des Moines Airport Traveler Help

Procedure for person in wheelchair to fly with pet.Tjey are paid for.Can they be on a leash while in airport then in carrier on the plane

DSM : Early morning security - RIDICULOUS!!!!! Jun 07, '12 Comments: 0

Des Moines Airport Gate Connections

Flew out on Memorial Day and the security line was all the way back to the AA ticket counter - took an hour or more and many missed flights. Luckily our flight waited for us - but an announcement was made that there were 49 flyers on one flight still in security. This is becoming a ridiculous situation and a solution should be found. If DM wants to be considered for more flights they need to figure this out.

DSM : Wrong Parking Rates Dec 21, '11 Comments: 1

Des Moines Airport Parking

I am writing to inform you that the parking rates you posted on your website changed on the first of July 2011.
The correct parking rates are as follows.

Economy - Surface

Each Hour - $2
Daily Maximum - $6
Airport 2 - Surface

Each Hour - $2
Daily Maximum - $5
Long Term - Garage

Each Hour - $2
Daily Maximum - $12
Short Term - Garage

Each 30 Minutes - $1
Daily Maximum - $24
Much appreciate your post - will make necessary adjustments; however, they will only show up at the monthly 'sweep'.