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closest long term parking for Delta flights and costs per day. we our seniors with disabilty
McNamara Daily Parking is the closest and is $23/day.
My husband is returning home a day after my flight leaves. We were planning for him to just take my car home. The Problem is that he has a different credit card number than I do. Will he have problems getting out of the McNamara terminal?
We are flying out of DTW, on Spirit, and it's been years, since we have flown. Going to FL. What is your best deal for parking around 7 days. I think we are leaving out of the North Terminal. And how do we pay? Thanks for your help!!
You can park in Airlines Parking or Qwik Park which are big privately owned lots located North of I-94 off Merriman or you can park in the Big Blue Deck where you can walk to the North Terminal (although it's kind of a long walk). The Big Blue Deck is across from where the old Northwest Terminal was on Rogell Drive.
cost to park at the north terminal for seven days
Big Blue Deck Long Term Parking is $13/per day so $91. You can get online coupons for Qwik Park or Airlines Parking and pay less than that off-site (they use a shuttle bus to take you to the terminal).
when do you pay for long term parking?
I am flying out Jetblue, I have my handicapped daughter with me and will need a wheelchair once in the airport. What parking structure is the closest to the checkin?
The Big Blue Deck is the closest to where JetBlue is located.
Is parking at the Blue Deck mostly covered or mostly open? Thanks.
It's mostly covered.
Is there covered long term parking on the big blue north terminal lot
Yes, there is.
Hi. I have a 6am flight departing on Delta, returning in a few days on Southwest, so I want to park at the North terminal. Will the ground transportation from one terminal to the other be running at 4:15am? The airport website says every 2 minutes and doesn't mention anything about closing.
The shuttle operates every 10 minutes and should be available at that time, although may not run as frequently - http://www.metroairport.com/GroundTransportation/OtherTransportation/TerminaltoTerminal.aspx Perhaps you should park at an offsite facility such as Qwik Park or Airlines Parking that runs shuttles to both terminals.
I'm flying out of Detroit early AM. Thinking of parking at the Big Blue Parking Garage because it is so much cheaper for long term parking. Is there a shuttle to the McNamara Terminal? How far to walk? How long to walk?
You can't walk from the Big Blue Deck to the McNamara Terminal - there is a shuttle bus and it takes about 15 minutes.