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I'm stopping through and was wondering if there are cash to card kiosks in the airport.
Did you ever find out if metro airport has cash to card kiosks?
Are there any at DTW?
Where is the comerica atm machine located

I put $10 in the cart rental concession and it ate my money but did not release a cart Have tried to reach the cart company but they do not answer their phone . How do I get my money back _
Just wondering are their wells Fargo arms at the airport
Is there a quiet place someone with anxiety can go while waiting? A computer lab, rest area, something?
Which Terminal? How much time do you have?
she was able to find the meditation room
From the directory on this site it appears all of the restaurants are AFTER security.Are there any places BEFORE security? My daghter's flight arrives at McNamara and 1 1/2 hours later my son's flight arrives at the North Terminal. We're looking for a place to wait for his flight.
I don't recall there being anything - maybe a coffee kiosk or something like that. The North Terminal is obviously fairly new so it was designed with pretty much everything inside security.
Darn! I was hoping that wasn't the answer but thanks so much for the info.
Anything going to be open on Christmas day? We have a 6-7 hour layover...
I had a late afternoon flight 11/5 out of Detroit, so I spent the time browsing through the shops in the terminal. Loved all the shops, especially the L'Occitan shop. The woman behind the counter who waited on me was so friendly. Just a nice experience.
Are there any facilities inside DTW where one can smoke?
No, there are not.