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DTW Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Flying in on Delta from St. Louis on 6180 to arrive at 07:28 pm and departing on Delta on flt 136 at 08:18p.m. Will I have time to make connection? Same terminal?
Arriving on Delta at 7:56 am and departing on Delta at 8:35 am. Enough time to reach departure gate and board flight?
what terminal does Delta fly into and out of at DTW
I arrive on delta flight 1409 from salt lake city. lay over time 55 minutes to departure to Allenstown pa. Is this enough time to get to gate?
If I book a flight that is Delta from Austin to Detroit then it connects to Skywest in Detroit, are Delta and Skywest in the same terminal?
Flying end of June LHR- DTW- BHM on Virgin/Delta codeshare. Arrive DTW at 17:08, BHM flight departs at 20:20 and is operated by SKywest airlines.

Is this enough time to connect, and will both flights be at the same terminal?

What gates does Spirit Airlines typically use?
Please tell me about the way to get from domestic to international flight.
Detroit DTW 5:11pm Nov 28th on American Airlines 1967 arrive CLT 8:06pm to FAY on same airline different plane, flight 5579. Will I be able to make my connection? Also how find terminal for American Airline??? I'm slow walking (disabled back) ?????
I'm leaving Nov 28th from American Airlines 1967, to CLT on same airline but different plane #5579. Where do I go to check in? How get there? slow walking (disabled back) Will I make my connection in time?