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DTW Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I am arriving at DTW at 2:20 pm from FRT on Delta DL87 on a Tuesday. I have a 80 min layover and depart at 3:40pm on DL6222 to ATW. Can I clear customs and get to my new gate easily?
I will be coming in from Binghamton,NY on 10/06/18 to dtw. Leaving dtw for pbi 46 minutes later. Is this enough time to make connection?

never been to this airport befoe and need a little help with navigation, can someone tell me how to get from gate A to a gate C please? thank you
from terminal NE to M, how far, how long?
I am arriving at DTW on a international flight with Delta will I make my connection to Orlando going through customs and immigration in the early afternoon with 1hr 58 min layover?
You should have no problem
Hi, we got a flight coming in from Vegas on the 8th of sept with only a 51 min layover and a connecting flight in the other terminal on a regional connection flight to our airport. I have a elderly mother whose disabled and has to wait to everyone deplanes and they come on to get her off with the aisle chair. Is 51 min possible with a disabled elderly person in this situation. There won’t be any time to make a restroom stop etc after flying for 3 plus hours. They claim the safety time is 45 min and they’ll radio ahead to hold the gate plane. Yeah ok I’ll believe that. Just don’t wanna get stuck there overnight.
I have a one hour 15 minutes layover going domestic to Paris at dtw in October. Is that enough?
I will be flying in on 6:40 am flight from Cleveland to get connecting flight to San Jose. Is 40 minute layover enough time?
Delta flights connecting in Detroit, given 40 minutes, gate arrival is a6, gate departure is a40....will this be enough time to make departure?