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On August 6th, from Beijing to Dubai at CA941, i left my iPad on the airplane seat , please email me , if you find , my seat NO.49L.
Lost my Wallet rn route to gate C19. I was seated in the red resting chairs near the coffee shop. Which is in the beginning of the way. It was black in colour small and has two cards inside.
Pls check under the chairs
Hi - I have lost my wallet, last time it was used was in terminal 2 at duty free.

My name is Gregory Gird.

I am back in Dubai airport at 1am Monday before catching a flight at 4am from DXB to CPT.

Please let me know if you find this wallet, it is a small back card holder style wallet.
I forgot to take my gc watch back from the security checkpoint in terminal 3 . Is there any any way I can get that back ?
Hi Team,

My husband lost his Samsung Android M20 near the security check in the airport. How can i get it back. Please help.

Hello please can you help me As I have lost my mobile in dxb whilst returning home.
Where is Travalex ATM located exactly in Dubai Airport. We have a less time for connection flight, So that we request you for the assistance.
Need to check if the immigration counter at Terminal 3 will accept a UAE credit/debit card for payment of vias fee

I will be travelling to India from Buenos Aires with Dubai as transit airport. I want to know that whether i can withdraw amount in EURO or USD using mastercard.