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DUB : Layover time Mar 03, '17 Comments: 1

Dublin Airport Gate Connections

I will buy tickets from Aer Lingus one from BDL to DUB and the next one from DUB to MAD and the layover is only 1 hour, is this enough time? How long is the T2 section?
Since you are not entering the Schengen Area all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You should have enough time.

DUB : In Transit From NYC Nov 13, '16 Comments: 1

Dublin Airport Gate Connections

I will be flying from NYC to Berlin. I must catch a connecting flight in DUB. I arrive at Terminal 2. All my flights are on Aer Lingus. Will I have to go through security, again, before I board my flight in DUB to Berlin?
You should not have to go through security.

DUB : 2.5 hour self connection T1 to T2 Oct 28, '16 Comments: 1

Dublin Airport Traveler Help

My flight lands at 9:20am in terminal 1 and my second flight leaves Terminal 2 at 12pm, i only have hand luggage and purchased fast-track security. Will i have enough time to make my flight?
these are on two seperate airlines, first flight from edinburgh to dublin with ryanair. Second is first part of a connecting fly with Aer Lingus

DUB : Will this work? Sep 11, '16 Comments: 1

Dublin Airport Gate Connections

I am going from BDL - DUB and land at 5:20am. Will an 1hr and 20min be enough to recheck bags to get to my Rome flight?
If both flights are on Aer Lingus you don't have to do anything with your bags in Dublin. If you purchased a separate ticket to Rome, then no I don't think that's enough time.

DUB : Landing Fee? Aug 20, '16 Comments: 1

Dublin Airport General Topics

Is their a landing fee for an 75B flying from BDL-DUB? If so how much? How do you reserve a seat online for aer lingus?
What is a "Landing fee"? You should be able to reserve a seat on the Aer Lingus website using your Aer Lingus record locator

DUB : meetinh location Aug 17, '16 Comments: 0

Dublin Airport Gate Connections

I am arriving from the US at terminal 2 and want to meet someone arriving from London an hour or so later. Is there a good meeting spot to suggest. I believe we both are arriving at Terminal 2?

DUB : Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 Aug 05, '16 Comments: 0

Dublin Airport Gate Connections

I'm meeting a friend in DUB, I'm coming in to Terminal 1, they are coming in to Terminal 2. Is there a connector between the Terminals without going through security, customs, etc...? We are landing within 30 minutes of each other.

DUB : Connection Time Jul 14, '16 Comments: 1

Dublin Airport Gate Connections

I'm arriving from the US around 8:15am on a Wednesday and wonder if I will have enough time to make a Ryanair connection to MAN that departs at 10:35am.
I think that would be barely enough time.

DUB : Very tight connection in Dublin Jun 02, '16 Comments: 1

Dublin Airport Gate Connections

I will be arriving at Dublin airport from New York at 6:50 and my connecting flight departs at 8:20. I will have to switch airlines from American Airlines to Ryanair, and recheck my luggage. Is there anything I can do to speed the process up and not miss my flight?
That's not realistically enough time.

DUB : bus to Galway from DUB Apr 21, '16 Comments: 1

Dublin Airport Gate Connections

We will fly to Dublin from Southampton and we plan to take a bus from the airport to Galway. What will we do re customs/immigration? We will have checked bags to collect.

My real question is: how much time should we leave between arriving and the bus?
Sorry. Didn't mean to post twice.