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DUS : worrid about connecting flights Jan 26, '20 Comments: 0

Dusseldorf Airport Gate Connections

We are arriving from Birmingham England with Eurowings for a connecting flight with American Airlines to Miami with only a 75 minute transfer time which includes baggage. This seems very tight

DUS : lost me laptop Oct 28, '19 Comments: 0

Dusseldorf Airport Traveler Help

Today at about 12.30 passing control, I forgot the laptop in the drawer on the tape after checking.

DUS : Connection time Sep 25, '19 Comments: 0

Dusseldorf Airport Gate Connections

I’m arriving from Dublin at 10-10 am do I have enough time to make my flight with Singapore airlines to Singapore at 11am

DUS : Check in opens Oct 07, '18 Comments: 0

Dusseldorf Airport Traveler Help

My flight is at 0720 from Düsseldorf to LAX via LHR , what is the earliest I can check in on October The 11th

DUS : Connecting times Jun 29, '18 Comments: 0

Dusseldorf Airport Gate Connections

Arrive from CDG Paris to Newark NJ EWR. How long to connect?

DUS : Minor traveling alone Dec 27, '17 Comments: 0

Dusseldorf Airport Traveler Help

Would anyone be able to tell me if Dusseldorf airport is suitable for a 13 year old to navigate through, changing flights. thanks in advance

DUS : Connecting to train Apr 07, '17 Comments: 1

Dusseldorf Airport Ground Transport

My airberlin flight arrives 7:45 from USA and I wonder if I can make a train connection at the airport which departs at 9:30. I'm unsure how long immigration and baggage claim takes. Perhaps I should take a later train? Danke
Yes, that should be enough time.

DUS : Transfer dilemma Apr 02, '17 Comments: 1

Dusseldorf Airport Traveler Help

I have 60 mins for a connection to usa will that be enough? Will my bag transfer on or do I collect and check them back in
What airlines are you flying? Where are you flying from and to?

DUS : Connecting flight at Dusseldorf airport Mar 21, '17 Comments: 1

Dusseldorf Airport Flyer Tips

I have 50 minutes to connect from an air berlin flight to another air berlin flight flying to dominican republic. I only have hand luggage, will this be too tight?
Flyer Tips
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time.

DUS : Flight connection Nuremburg to Dus to London Jan 10, '17 Comments: 2

Dusseldorf Airport Gate Connections

My flight arrives from Nuremburg to Dus at 13.05 my flight to London departs connect. at 13.50. Does that give mesufficient time to connect to the BA flight to London.
At DUS I think that is possible.
Hi Brian,
Did you make your flight? I am looking to do a similar journey with 50 minutes connecting time and worried i might miss my flight.