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DUS Gate Connections DISCUSSION

We are arriving from Birmingham England with Eurowings for a connecting flight with American Airlines to Miami with only a 75 minute transfer time which includes baggage. This seems very tight
I’m arriving from Dublin at 10-10 am do I have enough time to make my flight with Singapore airlines to Singapore at 11am
Arrive from CDG Paris to Newark NJ EWR. How long to connect?
My flight arrives from Nuremburg to Dus at 13.05 my flight to London departs connect. at 13.50. Does that give mesufficient time to connect to the BA flight to London.
At DUS I think that is possible.
Hi Brian,
Did you make your flight? I am looking to do a similar journey with 50 minutes connecting time and worried i might miss my flight.
I'm flying from CLT-RSW and have about an 3hr 30min layover to switch to Air Berlin to go to DUS and have a 3hr 10min layover to recheck bags, customs?, security, and to get to my gate. Will that work for RSW and DUS? Please let me know.
Yes, both of thos connections should be sufficient.