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Today on 6/1 at 13.00 pm i bougth some souvenirs and faber castell stationery from departure area of the airport, near to gate A49...I think that i bought them from hollmann Book and Press..if someone find them please inform me..Thank you!
Today at about 12.30 passing control, I forgot the laptop in the drawer on the tape after checking.
My flight is at 0720 from Düsseldorf to LAX via LHR , what is the earliest I can check in on October The 11th
Would anyone be able to tell me if Dusseldorf airport is suitable for a 13 year old to navigate through, changing flights. thanks in advance
I have 60 mins for a connection to usa will that be enough? Will my bag transfer on or do I collect and check them back in
What airlines are you flying? Where are you flying from and to?
I lost a car key on 19. Fea.2016. I put it inside the pallet through the skan machine at 17:00 near the gate B35. It was BMW black key. Contact me if found.