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EDI : Horrible baggage service in EDI Aug 03, '13 Comments: 1

Edinburgh Airport Airlines & Baggage

We flew from Montreal to LHR with Air Canada AC864 and continued with Virgin Atlantic to EDI on Aug 01. On arrival we missed 2 bags out of 3. We were told that one of them is in LHR and will arrive later the same day. The other one was not found. We were waiting for the first bag in the hired flat for 2 days - although it was already in EDI and with the delivery company as we were informed by VS baggage service agent. Finally the bag was delivered (without calling in advance) on 02 Aug 2013 at 4.30pm only. The courier claimed that he has not had the right address although the correst address was clearly marked on the bag itself in two stickers attached by the vs baggage services. The second bag was found only after I called Air Canada SuperElite service. It arrived in EDI this morning (03 Aug 2013) and I have no information when it is going to be delivered. I called your baggage services 3 times today, every time spending 10-15 minutes on hold and paying mobile phone tariff for it. Your agents could not tell me when the bag is going to be delivered, so I am sitting in the flat and waiting for the delivery lest I miss the delivery. Nobody from delivery company ever contacted me although I left UK mobile phone number and have been waiting for the call all day. My family is in Edinburgh for 5 days vacation. 3 days of them we spent without at least one of our bags and I was sitting and waiting for the delivery of the bags all the time instead of vacationing. You baggage service indifference and neglect wasted a lot of my time and energy. Another thing - your website service for lost bags at is absolutely inadequate and ineffective. There no updates on site as to actual situation with the bags. E.g. one bag has been delivered already but the site has no information on this. Summing up, your service has been disastrous. I never thought that I can be treated this way by any airline. Are you going out of business? Why are you so careless about what customers think and tell about you? Shameful service!
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