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YEG : Missed flights Mar 29, '19 Comments: 0

Edmonton Airport General Topics

If the scanners in security all brake down but one and we miss our flight , who's responsible to pay for our new tickets?
March 27

YEG : International Connecting Flight Icelandair Jun 08, '17 Comments: 0

Edmonton Airport Gate Connections

We have 2 hours to catch Icelandair flight once our connecting flight from Kelowna arrives at YEG. Is that enough time to make the connection?

YEG : Boarding passes for connecting flights Jan 06, '16 Comments: 1

Edmonton Airport Traveler Help

I am traveling from yeg to virginia with a connecting flight in ord .will i be issued the connecting flight boarding pass at yeg?
If both flights are on the same reservation then you should be issued both boarding passes in Edmonton.

YEG : thi Aug 10, '14 Comments: 0

Edmonton Airport Traveler Help

YEG : carry on for small child Feb 25, '14 Comments: 1

Edmonton Airport Traveler Help

my one year old is travelling with me to the states. I did not have to purchase a ticket for her. is she allowed a carry on? hers would consist of a small diaper/backpack type of bag.
Yes you can bring diaper bag along.

YEG : Know where to pay for your parking Jul 21, '13 Comments: 0

Edmonton Airport General Topics

I picked my son up today. Got inside the parkade, put my ticket in the machine to pay for my parking, it was asking for $3.75. Couldn't find a place to put my money in, and realized it was credit card only. I was parked very close to the machine, so rather than go look for another machine that took cash, I decided to pay an attendant at the kiosk. Got to the kiosk less than about 2 minutes later, gave her my ticket, and she asked me for $8.00!!! In less than 2 minutes I went from paying $3.75 to $8.00! Sorry, that's robbery!! ALL of their machines should be credit card or cash options, and if not, have a cash option machine right beside the credit card one!