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EVV : Are lockers available for rent Apr 01, '19 Comments: 0

Evansville Regional Airport General Topics

Are lockers available to rent for a day at Evansville Airport?

EVV : Tickets booth May 29, '17 Comments: 2

Evansville Regional Airport Traveler Help

Bought a ticket online have a confirmation. Do you have a ticket printer or can I take my confirmation information to check in
You can just bring your confirmation number to the check-in kiosk. You can even check in using your credit card.
Thank you. I have never been to this airport before.

EVV : losing flights Jun 03, '12 Comments: 1

Evansville Regional Airport General Topics

seems like we are just losers in Evansville, no memphis flight, no cincinatti flight, no minneapolis flight, no vegas flight (lost from owb), is air travel down that much or am i missing something? flights seemed pretty full over the past couple of years?
Buy a ticket, I fly all over the from Evansville 12 times a year and I live in Las Vegas Nevada.Go online buy a ticket and go where ever your heart desires.EVV is a fine airport. No looser there..