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EZE Gate Connections DISCUSSION

We have 2 conflicting connections for BM8LPR with Azul flight 8763@5:30am for Larry Collaco & Gloria Rios. EZE to CNF to CGH. Other was EZE to VCP to CGH. ????
How long does it take to go from Terminal C to A as i only have 1 hr 35 minutes for connection between Aerolineas Argentinas and United Airlines?

Do we have to go through security between the two?

Do we walk or is there transportation?

Thank you,
Arriving eze at 9.05 have connection from Jody at noon will I make it? How long will transfer take. Thanks
I am arriving at Terminal A and leaving from Terminal C and have less than 2 hours.
Is it easy and just walk from one to another?
My flight from Paris, France (AirFrance) arrives at terminal A, and the domestic connection flight (AirFrance) departs from terminal C. I believe I need to take my luggage, go through the customs and drop off the luggage for the connection. Any experience how this works in practice?
what gate is Delta airline and what gate is American coming in from the US.
Which is the best connex, when I am arriving on Lufthansa and want to continue to Santiago, what is the minimum transfer time required in EZE? Are those flights to Santiago departing on same terminal?
I will arrive on April 28 from Amsterdam at 05:55 AM and need to catch a connecting flight to Rosario, which departs at 06:45 AM. I'm afraid that I don't have enough time to pickup my bagage, enter through customs and be in time for boarding. Do you agree? And if so: what is your advise?
I am landing in EZE on American at 7:35 am from the US and wondering if there is any way to make an 8:10 am flight to Brazil on Gol airlines, with both in the international terminals?
coming in on aerolinas argentinas from Cordova at 8:30 pm to catch a United 9:20 p.m. departure for Houston. Not having been to the EZE terminal, will I have enough time to catch the flight and my bags get on? Not sure how long the customs and security is or if the two terminals are far apart?