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Acabo de salir en el vuelo AM27 y extravié un folder platico en el que viene mi acta de matrimonio
Does anyone know what is the current situation at the airport? Is there any screening going on for all travelers from US/Italy/China etc? Is it automatic quarantine? Do people get taken to hospital without screening? Please help~
I will be arriving from US at 10am and a friend of mine also traveling from US will arrive at 11am. Where is the best place to meet. Thank you
Perdí mi certificado de vacunación para la fiebre amarilla en el Aeropuerto de Ezeiza.
Mi duda es si hay un centro de Lost and Founnd en el Aeropuerto y si gracias a dios alguien lo encontró y llevó allí.
Desde ya, muchas gracias por su atención
O Banco de la Nacion funciona 24 horas e está situado logo após a retirada da bagagem
Is there anywhere in the airport where you can sleep or rest (For hire is fine) until it's check in time at my hotel?
I will be arriving EZE at 8:30am. I'd like to rest in an Admiral's club until it's time to check into my hotel. Can I do that? Or do I have to leave the unsecure area and need a boarding pass for a outbound flight to get back in? I am NOT checking in any luggage.
What terminal does Air Canada use (not listed on website) ?. Also, is there any curb side check in for any terminal ?
I'm fairly sure they use Terminal A. There is no curbside check-in.