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FAI : Handicapped Accessible Van May 01, '18 Comments: 1

Fairbanks Airport Ground Transport

I'm looking to book clients who need a Handicapped Accessible van w/lift from Fairbanks Airport to their Hotel. Would you be able to provide this service?
This is - we don't own any vans, let alone in Fairbanks.

FAI : Contractor Daily - Parking Requirement Mar 13, '18 Comments: 0

Fairbanks Airport Parking

What is the best plan for the Contractor who needs to do Janitorial Services on a daily basis to provide parking for there staff??

FAI : Transportation from Fairbanks Rail Station Jul 24, '17 Comments: 0

Fairbanks Airport Ground Transport

We need Transportation from Fairbanks Rail Station to Fairbanks International Airport on Thursday August 24, 2017. Our train from Denali would be approximately landing at around 8:00 pm in evening. Need the total cost for 19 people and each of us would be having 1 check-in bag and 1 carry on bag.

FAI : terminal map Jul 03, '16 Comments: 0

Fairbanks Airport General Topics

Only six gates just past security. First bar and Starbucks then 3 at right and 3 at left.

FAI : wifi Jul 03, '16 Comments: 0

Fairbanks Airport General Topics

Very slow wifi when I was there. But available and free with fai free wifi

FAI : bar and Starbucks inside security only Jul 03, '16 Comments: 0

Fairbanks Airport Food, Shops, Services

Very limited options inside security.

FAI : Fax number Apr 25, '16 Comments: 1

Fairbanks Airport General Topics

You might want to correct your fax number
This is not the Fairbanks Airport's website. Nobody from the Fairbanks Airport will see this.