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IDA : Lost Found Jul 12, '17 Comments: 0

Idaho Falls Regional Airport Traveler Help

I may have lost my brown/pinkish sparkly wallet. It has my ID in there that says Kristine Genevieve Hardy on it. My birthday is July 19th 1992, I also have a Walt Disney Pass and my old permit in it and my old student ID card. At least up to almost $200 in it. I could have accidentally left it on one of the Alligent planes in Zone 5 on seat 20E or even that row when I was getting my baggage out. Could someone please help me!?!?

IDA : Traveler denied boarding by untrained United staff Jun 27, '13 Comments: 1

Idaho Falls Regional Airport General Topics

I am a travel agent, I recently had a traveler who was denied boarding on a flight to Mexico because he did not have a Mexican visa. In 2010 Mexico changed the visa rules as follows: Starting May 1st, 2010, all foreigners, regardless of their nationality, visiting Mexico as tourists, transmigrate or for business matters will not need a visa for Mexico as long as they hold a valid US visa and arrive in Mexico from the United States. He had a Sri Lankan passport and a current U.S. Visa as well as paperwork from the Mexican consulate indicating that he did not need a visa for the trip. The agent would not even look at his paperwork from the embassy. All staff at the United desk need to be trained in customer service and current visa policies or they need to be moved to handling baggage. United should also provide a full refund, compensation for the meeting traveler missed, and an apology.
Note that this is not United's website, nor it is the Idaho Falls' airport's website. Also, I know that this is pretty irrelevant, but United Express employees at Idaho Falls are not United employees, they work for a contractor.