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I arrive 2.5 hrs. Before my friend does and will wait for her before we get transportation. Is there a place with seating near baggage claim I will be allowed to wait for her?
Did FLL discontinue curbside check in? Brought my mother there this morning at 5am for a Southwest flight and it was not manned. Caused a bit of an issue as she needed wheelchair assistance. Never had this happen in prior years taking this flight.
Green card was lost after the immigration check center on an arriving flight. Could the green card be in lost and found? If yes, what are the hours of operation?
Very disappointed to spend 3.99 on a old Magazine at this store. Store should be more aware of this practice. I'm sure it was an oversight. Certainly would like a refund on this transaction. How do I go about this?
My daughter is coming from Brazil with a DOG, i would like to know the correct procedure at the airport and if the service is available 24/7
My question is quite simple. When planes arrive at Terminal 4 do passengers clear immigration and customs in Terminal 4 or are they sent to another terminal? In short, do I meet them at 4 arrivals or elsewhere. It’s unbelievable there’s no answer to this on the web.
I am departing on an international flight tomorrow and need a skycap at the door to the airport. Does Southwest have skycaps at that point. If not how do I get one?
There is curbside checkin for Southwest at FLL. Is that what you're asking?
hi arriving in terminal 3 at gate E on jet blue with a 30 minute connection to gate F in same terminal - will we make the connection
Yes, that should be just enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Given no particular hold-ups, how long does it take from getting off an international flight to exiting the airport?
30 to 60 minutes, depending on when you arrive.
wifi connect?
The password is hidden on seven runes scattered throughout the airport by the ancient spirits. Gather the runes to access the wifi.