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Hello! I have a flight from the Dominican Republic to Fort Lauderdale airport, which means I'll arrive to FLL airport at like 5:00 AM in the morning. And then I have another flight from FLL to Guatemala at like 10:30 AM. Do you think there's time to get our bags from the first flight, re-check them in again with Spirit Airlines, and go through US customs/immigration for the second flight? I have this idea because there's no way to book a flight from Dominican Republic to Guatemala in the same reservation, so a layover in FLL is necessary by picking up bags and checking them into the next flight again. Let me know If my idea is good or not! Thanks.
Yes, that's enough time. The actual process is you go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, check your bags at the Spirit check-in desk, then go through security and to your departure gate. Make sure you have a valid US Transit visa if you're not of a visa-exempt nationality.
Ok, thank you very much for the information. Also, how far away is the exit of terminal 4 from the actual entrance of terminal 4 to check my bags in again once I pick them up from the first flight?
Given no particular hold-ups, how long does it take from getting off an international flight to exiting the airport?
30 to 60 minutes, depending on when you arrive.
wifi connect?
The password is hidden on seven runes scattered throughout the airport by the ancient spirits. Gather the runes to access the wifi.
Can any comment on the time it would expect to take to clear security if arriving at FT Lauderdale Int'l around 10am today?
I & my wife will be landing at FLL at 19:00 hrs with Spirit airlines flight from Cancin on terminal 4.
We will be departing with Norwegian Airlines flight from terminal 3 to Oslo at 22:00. We will not have any checked in baggage, only carry on/cabin baggage. Do we have to go through Immigration & custom and exit out of Terminal 4, then walk to Terminal 3 and go through security check & Emigration on Terminal 3 to board our next Norwegian Airline flight - or is there any transit connection between terminal 3 & 4 to board connecting flights ? Again we will not have any baggage to check in and we would have done all our check in online. Is the time span of 3 hours (19:00-22:00) enough to catch our connecting flight at 22:00 from terminal 3 ?
2 weeks ago I dropped my family off at terminal 3 for departure, they come in Monday night and have looked at all of the maps and did not see but drop off lane in front of terminal 3. So , i guess my question is where to I pick up my family at terminal 3. Thank you for your help.
I arrive at terminal 3 from Boston, and would like to meet my brother who is arriving from Jamaica at terminal 4.
1) Can I walk to terminal 4 or do I have to take a shuttle bus
2) am I allowed in his baggage claim at terminal 4 or do I have to meet him outside ?
Yes, you can walk to Terminal 4 but you will have to meet him at the exit of customs.
This may be a stupid question Zap, but is customs where he picks up his luggage?
I am arriving to FLL from Boston (JetBlue) at 2:05PM and have a 46 min layover before my 2nd JetBlue connecting flight at 2:51PM. Is this too risky? Would the gates be near each other if it's the same airline?
It's possible if the first flight is on-time but leaves no time to spare.
on January 10, I bought a pair of Oakley Sun Glasses at this shop and I need to change them because it was a mistake in the packed, could you please give the contact or phone number of this shop, thanks Luis Salamanca, seller was Angeline.
Unfortunately this is not the Fort Lauderdale airport's website so nobody from the airport or that shop will see this message.
I want. To know if Terminal 2 is re-opened as of January 11th. Thank you
Yes, Terminal 2 reopened the next day (the 7th).