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What is the closest parking gararge for Jet Blue airlines and how much will it cost for 4 days?
Our flight is Friday, March 16th. Delta Flight 1927 at 7:45am and return Tuesday, March 19th at 9:30pm
Could we park in the FLL parking garage in a handicap parking space. What is the handicap charge?
Please remind me where to park to get to JETBLUE international terminal. Follow the purple signs? Thank you
Is there a cell phone waiting area at FLII?
Yes, it is the first thing you come to after you get onto the airport loop off of US-1/Federal Highway.
Long term parking at FLL airport on a Friday afternoon seems to get quite full. I have had tough time finding a slot for the weekend. If the long term parking is all full, is there another option to park on site. Thank you for any suggestion you can offer. - Charles
Hi, will fly Spirit at terminal 4, NEED directions to park for 3 days.
Palm Garage??
Which level??
Post here since seems to be the FLL parking forum.
Thanks for your assistance.
Will depart with Spirit next friday 20th, MUST park for 3 days at PALM garage (OK?), nearest handicapped spot, wait for directions.
This is not the FLL airport's website. Nobody from the airport will see your message. Sorry.
I parked in the hibiscus lot and fear I may have been towed due to overcrowding from the hurricane. Any idea what tow company is used by the airport so I can find out where my car is in advance?
100% Fully handicapped with corresponding license. If parking vehicle for 8-10 days,do I have to pay what amount?
Thank you
planning to park for 6 days.Is there a special rate for that,My husband handicapped,is there special parking at airport for that,he can not stand or walk to catch a shuttle