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Questions, comments and tips about parking at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport. Have a favorite place to park? Prefer offsite to on-airport parking? Share your FLL Airport parking experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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Please remind me where to park to get to JETBLUE international terminal. Follow the purple signs? Thank you
Is there a cell phone waiting area at FLII?
Yes, it is the first thing you come to after you get onto the airport loop off of US-1/Federal Highway.
Long term parking at FLL airport on a Friday afternoon seems to get quite full. I have had tough time finding a slot for the weekend. If the long term parking is all full, is there another option to park on site. Thank you for any suggestion you can offer. - Charles
Hi, will fly Spirit at terminal 4, NEED directions to park for 3 days.
Palm Garage??
Which level??
Post here since seems to be the FLL parking forum.
Thanks for your assistance.
Will depart with Spirit next friday 20th, MUST park for 3 days at PALM garage (OK?), nearest handicapped spot, wait for directions.
This is not the FLL airport's website. Nobody from the airport will see your message. Sorry.
I parked in the hibiscus lot and fear I may have been towed due to overcrowding from the hurricane. Any idea what tow company is used by the airport so I can find out where my car is in advance?
100% Fully handicapped with corresponding license. If parking vehicle for 8-10 days,do I have to pay what amount?
Thank you
planning to park for 6 days.Is there a special rate for that,My husband handicapped,is there special parking at airport for that,he can not stand or walk to catch a shuttle
I had the best service in this airport Christmas day. My son was flying home and from the hostess at chills to the parking lot attendent they were wonderful!!!! Best airport service. Thank you for the wonderful staff.
where the parking located and can you send tel. number
The detailed info will go life in a few days. However meanwhile: If you choose to park in the Garage Complex, watch for color-coded signs for airline terminal locations as you approach the Airport and follow the color-coded signs inside the Garage Complex to park near your terminal location (T-1 yellow; T-2 red; T-3 purple; T-4 green). The Economy Parking Lot is located at 2755 S.W. 42nd Street--take Griffin Road just west of I-95 to Anglers Avenue, turn right, and follow the signs. Free shuttles to the terminals run from this lot every 15 minutes, 24/7. Watch for Shuttle stop signs at shelters. Terminal drop-off and pick-up stops are at each terminal building, lower level crosswalk (Baggage Claim). The Sunplus info is 888-865-5352 - that may also be the general parking number.