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Does the Meditation Room at this airport ever have Church services on Sunday for travelers?
Will arrive at airport around 11 AM. Flight isn't until 7:30 PM. Are there any cafes before going thru security since we have to wait until 4:30 pm. Terminal 1
Is there a place to get a manicure anywhere in the FLL airport? I have a long layout
Is there anywhere in the airport terminal that sells wine by the bottle. Going one cruise and can
bring 2 bottles with me
Is there a BofA ATM near the Southwest incoming flights/baggage area?
Is there a B of A near Spirit Airlines?
Anywhere in the airport where I can get a few hundred dollars out without having a ton of $20s?
"atm" not at
"atm" not at
Pretty much every ATM in the US only dispenses $20 bills. To get higher bills you need to go to an actual brick and mortar bank or a currency exchange/check cashing place.
Anywhere in the airport where I can get a few hundred dollars out without having a ton of $20s?
Do you have ATM machines or Chase bank in terminal F?
FLL doesn't have a "Terminal F".
I mean around gate F
Connecting in FLL before heading to PLS on Southwest Airlines. I would like to shop duty free but noticed no shop in terminal 1 (since it’s not technically an international terminal ). Could I go to another terminal and shop ? And would they bring the items over to terminal 1?
I believe they are building a small duty free facility in Terminal 1 now that it is an International Terminal, but I'm not sure if it's built yet. If it isn't, it's awfully far to Terminal 4.