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FLL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

How far is the walk from Southwest to the Budget Rental Car.
How will I get from enterprise rental to terminal 3? Also, can I drop rental off at 530 am
What terminal does Southwest Airlines use?
Have less than an hour connection - and have TSA. Will I be able to get easily from Term 1 to Term 3? Carry on only
My family arrives into FLL on Frontiers airlines in Terminal 4. Their shuttle pickup is between terminals 1 and 2. How do they get there. Can they walk. Is there a bus that takes them

I am flying from Managua, Nicaragua to FLL arriving at 6am on a Sunday morning. How much time should I allow before my next domestic flight departure
How long did it take you to make your transfer? Also, did you use two different airlines? Our Spirit Airlines (terminal 4) will arrive at 5:10am and depart at 7am on Delta (terminal 2). We will have luggage. Will we have enough time, in your opinion? Thanks for your input. :)
Do both JetBlue domestic AND international flights arrive at AND depart from Terminal 3?
I'm flying ISP to FLL then FLL to Aruba. All on Southwest. There is a one hour ten minute layover. Do I need to go through customs in FLL and will I have enough time to make the connection?
My mom is a wheelchair passenger. She will arrive in FLL on Southwest @ 7:35am. Her next flight is on Jet Blue and departs FLL at 8:56am. How far apart are these terminals?

ATL to FLL, Spirit Airlines, Terminal 4, 9:31am arrival
FLL to CAN, Sprit Airlines, Terminal 4, 10:40am depature

I think that I can catch my plane from FLL to CAN because it's the same airline and same terminal, and I don't need to pick up my checked baggages in FLL airport.