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We are flying from EYW on United and connecting to SW, both in terminal 1, flight lands at 6:45pm and SW flight departs at 7:15pm, is that enough time to connect?
I am flying Delta with a Norwegian international connection leaving at noon; How much time should
I am flying from Hav to FLL with Southwest and then FLL to DFW with Spirit 1hr 10min connection time with checked luggage. Is that enough time?
My mom is flying from Dubai to FLL on Emirates flight with 2 checked baggage tagged all the way from DXB to San Jose Costa Rica with Jetblue, so this is an international transit. Once she picks up the checked baggage cleared custom, is there any belt inside T4 where she can drop the checked baggages for her next international flight? instead of carrying them all the way to T3? Again, the bags are tagged to final destination SJO. Thank you!
I am landing from elh with silver at 2:03 and departing to ewr on united at 3:35 (1 hr. 32 min.) is that enough time?
Hello, I am flying with Southwest from Austin TX to Havana, Cuba and will have only a 45min layover in FLL. Could you please let me know if I will arrive and leave from the same terminal? if so, which one? Is it doable? Thank you very much in advance!
hello. I am travelling from DXB to FLL, arriving there at 9.40am and the next flight to Cuba is at 12.10pm with Southwest. Do I have to change terminal? Is there enough connection time? Probably will not have check in bags, only carry-on.
We arrive in FLL on Southwest at 11:35 (Terminal 1 I believe) and depart on Silver to Eleuthera at 12:25 (also Terminal 1?). No checked bags. 50 minutes to connect.
Return flight on SIlver arrives in FLL at 2:38 (Terminal 4?) and Southwest flight to BWI departs at 4:10 (Terminal 1 I believe).

Please let me know your thoughts as there are other flight options.

When I booked my flight through Spirit Airlines, I didn't realize how short my connection was until I bought my ticket. I have 45 minutes from when I land in Terminal 3 until my other flight departs to St Thomas from Terminal 4. It is me and my boyfriend traveling; no checked bags, only 1 carry on and small personal bags. Will I have to go through security again? Is this way too short to make it?
I am trying to book a ticket to San jose, Costa Rica from phoenix. I have 55 min for the connection. The plane for both is spirit airlines. Is this feasible? please suggest.