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Hello I should take a flight from DC with a FFL - 50 MIN - connection to go to Costa Rica, with Spirit airlines, would that be enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time. All you have to do on the way to Costa Rica is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.

I am flying with Spirit from SJO Costa Rica to Washington, Baltimore with a landing in Fort Lauderdale. I arrive on a Sunday morning 5:49 AM and depart again at 7:10.

Is that realistic if the plane to FLL is on time?

Thank you!
That should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am looking at a United flight that lands at 3:35 and then a JetBlue international flight that leaves at 5.10. We won't have any checked bags; is this enough time to get there?

On the way back we have 12 hours, so I know that we will have enough time to get through customs and everything.
With no checked bags that's enough time, you'll just really have to hustle to T3/T4.
Hi folks I got a time question I have 1 hr & 20 mins coming in on a JetBlue international flight terminal 3 F to catch a South West Terminal 1 B Is this enough time to do the customs & immigration and catch my flight ? Appreciate the valued info..
No, that is not enough time. Don't try it.
Much thanks warning taken
Looking at SWA coming in from DAL landing at terminal 1 at 3:30pm on a Saturday and then needing to hop over to Terminal 4 for an (Internation) Spirit Flight at 5:15pm. I am TSA-Precheck.
Enough time with a checked bad? what about without.

On the way back
Sprirt Lima - FLL landing at 5:50am.... needing to go through customs and transfer back over to terminal 1 for a SWA flight back to Dallas leaving at 8:10am
Enough time with a checked bad? what about without.

Thanks so much for sharing the knowledge
Without a checked bag that's barely enough time. With a checked bag I wouldn't try it.
We are arriving at 6 a.m. on Spirit from Costa Rica. I'm looking at a flight out of Miami at 8:30 as it's a great deal. Is this enough time for customs, baggage and to get to MIA?
No, that's not realistically enough time.
I booked a flight on Silver Airways that leaves Key West and arrives in Fort Lauderadale at 6:47pm, I am then catching a flight on Spirit from Ft Lauderdale to Columbus Ohio, this flight leaves FLL at 9:20pm. So, I will have approx 2.5 hour lay over. I am checking my bag though and am concerned because I will have to retrieve my bag and go through TSA again.. Do you think this is enough time? I can pay $50 to change to an earlier Silver flight that would arrive at 4pm in FLL instead of 6:47pm. Did not want o spend the money if not necessary.
I think it's enough time. However, it's important to note that Silver flights are frequently delayed.
Thank you, i went ahead and changed it to the flight that gets to fll at 4pm silver was kind enough to do it at no extra charge. I have more peace of mind now.
I am looking to book a flight from Orlando to San Jose (costa Rica). It requires a 1 hour 20 minute connection in Fort Lauderdale. Both flights are with spirit airlines and my question is, will that be enough time to make my connection? I have never been to this airport so unsure of layout and ease of connecting flights.
thanks in advance
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do in Fort Lauderdale on your way to Costa Rica is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
We arrive on Delta from Minneapolis at 12:16 and depart on Jet Blue to Barbados at 2:10. Can we make the connection with checked bags?
That's just enough time if the Delta flight is on-time. You will have to claim your bags from Delta in Terminal 2 and carry them to JetBlue in Terminal 3 and re-check them and go through security.
I am arriving at 9pm from Paris on a Norwegian Flight. I am looking at a Spirit flight that departs at 10:45pm to Atlanta. Can I make that connection? With or without a checked bag. The next flight out to Atlanta is not till 5:40am so I would really like this work.
Without checked bags it might be possible. With checked bags it's really risky.
Thank you.