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I thinking about taking a flight on American Airlines from MUC-PHL-FLL and would then be taking a Spirit flight to SJO. I would have 1 hour connection time and a checked bag. Is is possible at all to make that flight?

That is absolutely not enough time with a checked bag. There's no way you'd have your bag to the Spirit check in desk before the cutoff.
Can someone make it from terminal 3 jet blue to depart one hour later on silver?? And if I bought two separate tux on each airline will my luggage be transferred?? Do we walk
There's no guarantee your bags will be transferred since you bought two separate reservations. I think that's a very difficult connection.
I am arriving on JetBlue in Terminal 3 and have 1 hour before my flight leaves Terminal 1 on Silver Airways to N. Eleuthra. Is it faster to walk and do I have to go thru security again? Will time be a problem at 10:00am
Yes, you have to go through security again. Walking or the shuttle bus will both take awhile. This is a risky connection.
Me too can we make it
Have about 45 minutes between landing on a JetBlue domestic flight and switching to Spirit to go to Puerto Rico. Will not have checked bags. Do you have to go through security again? I saw on the terminal map that there is a connector bridge now between 3/4, but have seen mixed answers about security. Thanks!
You can do it without going through security. However, it's still a somewhat risky connection.
I am looking at a flight from Orlando to New Orleans using Spirit airlines. However there is a 1 hour lay over in FLL. Is that enough time to get to the next flight? I am not checking in bags
Yes, that is enough time.
I will be flying in from north Eleuthera on Silver arriving at noon with a two and a half hour connection to United heading for Denver. Is two and a half hours enough if I have checked luggage, or should I plan just a carry-on?
Yes, that is enough time.
Connecting from Port of Spain to FLL then to San Juan on Jet Blue.(Booked as a multi city passage). i arrive in FLL from POS at 5:10 am and my connecting flight is at 7:26 am. is that enough time to catch my connecting flight? Would i have to collect my bags, re check them and go through customs in FLL? Please advise
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Do Southwest and United use the same terminal? We have time to spare before a 5:00 SW flight but have access to Unitded lounge.
Yes, they use the same terminal but their gate areas are not connected inside security. Also, you now have to have a United boarding pass to use the United Club.
I am flying to Jamaica from LA and I have a 5 hour layover in Fort Lauderdale. I arrive and leave from Terminal 3, but I have a friend who has a flight from Terminal 4 around the same time, and I would like to go and meet him at his Terminal to have coffee during my layover. Is that possible? Thank you!
Yes, that is possible.
We will be checking in at terminal three to board a JetBlue flight. Because we will be in the airport waiting for many hours, we would like to go to terminal one and use the United club lounge. Is that possible? If so how do we proceed?
No, that is not possible.