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What is the best meeting place for arriving flights at different terminals? One of us arriving terminal 2, the other, terminal 3. Want to connect and share a cab to the port for Carnival Cruise.
The one arriving in Terminal 2 could just walk to Terminal 3 or vice-versa. Terminal 2 is much smaller so probably easier to find each other there.
Was told that the airport wasn’t easy to navigate from terminal to terminal..... Where to get a taxi once we find each other? Thanks!
There are taxi stands on the lower level of every terminal. It's not too hard to walk between terminals along the roadside.
Are there any representatives at the airport that would assist a non-English speaking travel to help her find her luggage and walk her to the Jet Blue check-in area and then to the correct departing gate? Jet-Blue does not provide this assistance. Thanks.
I am arriving from Indianapolis on Southwest Airline flight 901 on 11/7/17 what concourse will I be arriving? Also where is the baggage claim and where do I get outside to have someone pick me up???
Are there any plans to actually have a real international terminal at FLL? The delays due to trying to handle international traffic passengers without suitable facilities are really not acceptable in this day and age. A 2 hour wait for Norwegian passengers to get through is not good enough! Exiting passengers have to check in at Terminal 3 and then walk to Terminal 4 to go through security to the gate. Come on FLL, you have one of the country’s best domestic airports, I’ve been through dozens, Gear up for the future now.
Hi - is there a terminal shuttle? possibly coming in on terminal 1 and connecting to terminal 3. thanks
There are shuttles between terminals.
Are there any pet relief locations at Frt. Lauderdale airport?
I am departing from Nashville with a layover at FLL. I will have 1 hour and 5 minutes to change planes on Southwest. Will that be enough time to reach my connecting flight?
I will arrive Nov 8, late 2330 on United and want to store a bag until Nov 19. On Nov 9th I fly SOUTHWEST to Cuba about 1215. Upon my return on Nov 19 I want to pick up bag.bit I don't know which terminal United and Southwest are located. Which terminals and will bag storage places be open to keep the bag. I know there is a cost.
Can one walk to each terminal or does one have to take a skytrain? Is this airport smaller or larger than Miami. I want to arrive in Florida, spend the night and then take a flight to Puerto Rico
If you have one bag then it is easy to walk between terminals. There are also shuttle buses.
We are flying to Medellin from LGA New York, with a stop in FLL. We are flying on Spirit. We will be checking bags. We only have 1 hour and 15 minutes between our flights. Is that enough time? Thanks.
Yes, that is enough time. On your way to Colombia all you have to do in FLL is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.