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Can I request an escort to assist me in getting to my connecting flight from terminal 1 Southwest Airlines Flight WN1113 arriving at 2:20p in Gate A3 to terminal 1 United Airlines flight UA832 departing at 3:00p Gate C4
How does a disabled veteran get a wheelchair curbside, if one cannot wak inside. Flying JetBlue, thier curbside luggage check has been no help in the past.
Thank you.
Is there a doggy potty area in Terminal 1. Won't have time to so out of secure area.
How long will it take us to make this transfer? Our Spirit Airlines (terminal 4) will arrive at 5:10am and depart at 7am on Delta (terminal 2). We will have luggage. Will we have enough time, in your opinion? Thanks for your input. :)
How can I reserve a wheelchair
From FLL AIrport Terminal 3 need to go to '19435 N Coquina Way, Weston, FL 33332". Is there a public transportation available? Please guide
Can I walk from the SWAirline gate to the Baggage claim or do I need assistance.
I don't know how well you can walk, so I can't say for you personally, but it's not a long walk.
Will the airport take an elderly in a wheel chair from the gangway to luggage?
Yes, but you have to contact your airline to request that, not the airport.
Sur ma réservation avec Spirit c’est écrit Terminal M. Où est ce terminal?
Spirit uses Terminal 4 in FLL.
What is the best meeting place for arriving flights at different terminals? One of us arriving terminal 2, the other, terminal 3. Want to connect and share a cab to the port for Carnival Cruise.
The one arriving in Terminal 2 could just walk to Terminal 3 or vice-versa. Terminal 2 is much smaller so probably easier to find each other there.
Was told that the airport wasn’t easy to navigate from terminal to terminal..... Where to get a taxi once we find each other? Thanks!
There are taxi stands on the lower level of every terminal. It's not too hard to walk between terminals along the roadside.