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FRA : Medical Transport 9 hr ago Comments: 0

Frankfurt Airport Ground Transport

Friend broker her hip in Russia had replacement is travelling tommorrow SATURDAY to Frankfurt will overnight at the Holiday INN by the airport. Wants transport between Airport-HOtel-Aiport - as she will be leaving Sunday for her return flight to Alaska.

FRA : Frankfurt Layover with a toddler Yesterday Comments: 0

Frankfurt Airport Layover Ideas

I am traveling to San Diego, California, USA from Cairo, Egypt, with my wife and a 16 months toddler.
We all have Egyptian passports and will have a 1h 40m layover at Frankfurt, Germany.
Both flights are through Lufthanza.
Will this be enough time or will it be very short

FRA : Gate Information May 20, '19 Comments: 0

Frankfurt Airport Gate Connections

Hi which concourse/gates do United flights from the U.S. use for arrival into Frankfurt.

FRA : Air Dolomiti connectionto Lufthansa Apr 24, '19 Comments: 0

Frankfurt Airport Gate Connections

We have a one hour connection time between Air Dolomiti flight from Florence to a Lufthansa flight to Chicago. Will these gates be in same terminal?

FRA : where is the bus stop of DB IC bus NO 43490 departing to Prague Apr 10, '19 Comments: 0

Frankfurt Airport Parking

How to reach DB IC bus stand from Airport Terminal

FRA : switching planes Apr 05, '19 Comments: 0

Frankfurt Airport Gate Connections

i am flying from Dulles to Frankfort on united then switching planes Lufthansa to go to Budapest how long will this take must I go thru customs and will I get lost

FRA : Security Mar 18, '19 Comments: 0

Frankfurt Airport General Topics

Will I have to go thru security again if I am connecting to a flight to Chicago? I am coming from Stuttgart.

FRA : Gate to gate Feb 27, '19 Comments: 0

Frankfurt Airport General Topics

Arriving at A50 from Italy and departing for USA Z50. How long of a walk and will we need to go through passport or security

FRA : Connection Time coming from Sweden Feb 18, '19 Comments: 0

Frankfurt Airport Gate Connections

Is 1 hour enough connection time if I am coming from an EU country going to the US?

FRA : A map of Frankfurt Terminal with specific airline names Feb 01, '19 Comments: 0

Frankfurt Airport Gate Connections

I am looking for a map of Terminal 1, (where we arrive) & Terminal 2, (where we leave), with specific airlines names. I only see a map of the Main Terminal & the concourses. Why?